Note 007
From Chapter 36 of the Decline & Fall

The profusion of Catulus, the first who gilt the roof of the Capitol, was not universally approved (Plin. Hist. Natur. xxxiii. 18); but it was far exceeded by the emperor's and the external gilding of the temple cost Domitian 12,000 talents (2,400,000 l.). The expressions of Claudian and Rutilius (luce metalli aemula . . . fastigia astris, and confunduntque vagos delubra micantia visus) manifestly prove that this splendid covering was not removed either by the Christians or the Goths (see Donatus, Roma Antiqua, l. ii. c. 6, p. 125). It should seem that the roof of the Capitol was decorated with gilt statues, and chariots drawn by four horses.

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