Note 076
From Chapter 35 of the Decline & Fall

According to Varro, the twelfth century would expire A.D. 447; but the uncertainty of the true era of Rome might allow some latitude of anticipation or delay. The poets of the age, Claudian (de Bell. Getico, 265) and Sidonius (in Panegyr. Avit. 357), may be admitted as fair witnesses of the popular opinion.

Dunc reputant annos, interceptoque volatui
Vulturis, incidunt properatis saecula metis.
. . . . . .
Jam prope fata tui bissenas Vulturis alas
Implebant; scis namque tuos, scis, Roma, labores. See Dubos, Hist. Critique, tom. i. p. 340-346.
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