Note 186
From Chapter 17 of the Decline & Fall

We might derive an additional supply of 301,750 inhabitants from the dioceses of Chalons (Cabillonum) and of Macon (Matisco); since they contain, the one 200, and the other 260 parishes. This accession of territory might be justified by very specious reasons. 1. Chalons and Macon were undoubtedly within the original jurisdiction of the Aedui. (See d'Anville, Notice, p. 187, 443.) 2. In the Notitia of Gaul they are enumerated not as Civitates, but merely as Castra. 3. They do not appear to have been episcopal seats before the fifth and sixth centuries. Yet there is a passage in Eumenius (Panegyr. Vet. viii. [vii.] 7) which very forcibly deters me from extending the territory of the Aedui, in the reign of Constantine, along the beautiful banks of the navigable Saone.

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