Scope Of Chapter 17
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Foundation of Constantinople — Political system of Constantine — Military Discipline — The Palace — The Finances
324 Design of a New Capital— Situation of Byzantium—Description of Constantinople —The Bosphorus —The Port of Constantinople —The Propontis —The Hellespont —Advantages of Constantinople —Foundation of the City —Its Extent —Progress of the Work —EdificesPopulationPrivileges
330 or 334 Dedication
300-500 Form of Government in the Roman Empire—Hierarchy of the State—Three Ranks of Honour
Four Divisions of Office
The Consuls
The Patricians
The Praetorian Praefects
The Praefects of Rome and Constantinople
The Proconsuls, Vice-Praefects, etc.
The Governors of the Provinces
The Profession of the Law
The Military Officers
Distinction of the Troops
Reduction of the Legions
Difficulty of Levies
Increase of Barbarian Auxiliaries
Seven Ministers of the Palace
1The Chamberlain
2The Master of the Offices
3The Quaestor
4The Public Treasurer
5The Private Treasurer
6 & 7The Counts of the Domestics
Agents, or Official Spies— Use of Torture—FinancesThe General Tribute, or Indiction— Assessed in the Form of a Capitation
Capitation on Trade and Industry—Free Gifts—Conclusion
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