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Chapter 48 - Word

Oh, the majestic, untouched will of God moving down through the ages! When we move in the will of God, it answers the thousands of questions we may ever have.

The most marvelous prayer we can ever pray is: “Have your way. Thy will be done. Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth Thee. Bring me the intimation; that Word; what is it You want?”—Walk that way. Learn to do that. It takes a little time, but it takes such a burden off us. Now, when lie speaks that Word, it has all the authority of heaven back of it, and it has a creative power when He speaks it in our hearts. A grain of faith always comes with it. Our faith will lay hold of it, and we ought to have it, because we are obedient to a law.

Always be careful that the Word, the promise, the intimation which is governing you today, and you hold in confidence and faith, as a power for your prayer authority,—be sure that Word is something which God speaks, or brings to your heart, lie may bring it to you by reading the Word; lie may bring it through a message; He may bring it by literature; He may bring it by intimation of Spirit; He may bring it by speaking to your inner heart, even without words. He talks to me many times without words as I walk along with Him.

Never approach the Word asyou would any other literature. The Holy Spirit is needed for its revelation. When we deal with the mysteries of God, don’t expect to understand them with your natural mind; it is a divine thing, Come to the Word with:

1. A clean heart

2. An unbiased spirit,

3. An open mind.

There is nothing casual in the Word. Everything in the Word is full of God; full of the Spirit and Life; every bit of it; it is not an accidental thing. It is perfectly designed, and purposely designed, but we read it so casually.

In the Old Testament, He gave us our letters. In the New Testament He puts them together, and, in the ages to come, we will read them.

You say you read the Word, but you sense something in it you have never really touched yet. You have gotten hold of the letter of the Word; you never yet have gotten hold of the fire, or the Spirit of it. You have to keep your spirit open, not your brains, to get the Spirit and Life of the Word.

As soon as the Spirit takes hold of the Word, He makes it a throbbing reality. The Word, through which Spirit and Life can vibrate and move, is the vehicle. The Word that Jesus brings is, in essence, Spirit and Life.

The Bible is the written letter of the Word, but Truth is tremendous. The Bible is the vehicle inspired of God; there is nothing in the world like it. No man could write it. It is divinely inspired. It is the instrument through which Life and Light vibrate. It is the Word of God, but Life moves through it. Life is not in this paper; it vibrates through it, through its message. We have to learn this. Keep your heart open. He is able to speak to you in a thousand ways, and a thousand tongues.

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