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Ability and obligation, 336.

Ability, natural, 320.

Adam’s sin, 253, 357.

Antinomianism, 393.

Atonement, 258–Principles of government, 258–Justice, retributive and public, 259, 265–Necessity of penalties, 260–Meaning of the term, 261–Teachings of reason, 261–Fact of, 266–What constitutes it, 270–Satisfaction of public justice, 271–Extent of 274–Objections, 279.

Attributes of love, 135.

Attributes of moral law, 135.

Attributes of selfishness, 183.


Barclay, 449.

Benevolence theory, tendency of, 93.

Benevolence not partial, 181.

Benevolent desires, 188.


Chalmers, 382.

Children moral agents, 256.

Christ, offices of, 401, 442.

Christians and politics, 218.

Christian in sin, 110.

Clarke, Dr. Adam, 448.

Commercial justice, 162.

Compassion, attribute of love, 154.

Complacency in holiness, 147.

Complacent love, 149.

Condescension, 174.

Consciousness, 457.

Conversion and regeneration, 282.

Creation, end of God in, 214.

Cruelty, 193.


Decree and purpose. 524.

Degrees of guilt, 202.

Degrees of virtue, 203.

Depravity, moral and physical, 228, 254–Total, 232, 234–View of Dr. Woods, 236–Presbyterian Confession, 240–Examination of scripture, 241.

Desert of punishment, 210.

Disinterestedness, attribute of love, 141.

Disobedience to moral law, 180.

Divine efficiency scheme, 293.

Duty and obligation, 66.


Edwards on ability, 323. 334–On the will, 328.

Efficiency, attribute of love, 145–attribute of selfishness, 189.

Eighth of Romans, 581.

Election, 481–Bible doctrine of, 482–Doctrine of reason, 485–Reasons for, 486–When made, 491–Not unjust, 493–How ascertained, 495. Endless punishment, 209.

Evidences of impenitence, 370–of regeneration, 300.

Excitement and obedience, 125.

Expediency, doctrine of, 87.


Faculties of moral agency, 136.

Faith, 373–A condition of justification, 389–Increase of, 111.

Falsehood, 196.

Fanaticism, 91.

Foreknowledge of God, 542.

Freedom of will 324.


God, hatred of, 199–Moral attributes of, 137.

God’s end in creation, 214.

God’s foreknowledge, 542.

God’s law, sanctions of, 208.

God’s purposes, 524–Extent of, 526–As related to different events, 530–Wisdom and benevolence of, 541–As related to God’ s foreknowledge, 542–As requiring use of means–543.

God’s sovereignty, 515.

Good, natural and moral, 72–absolute and relative, 72–Good and virtue, 76.

Government, 214–A necessity, 215.

Grace, growth in, 114.

Gracious ability, 341.

Gratitude, obligation of, 59.

Guilt, degrees of, 202.


Hatred of God, 199.

Holiness, 177–Deficient in degree, 104–As related to the affections, 106.

Human government, 214–A necessity, 215–Objections, 216–God’s use of, 217–Limits of, 221–Legitimate form, 222–Revolutions in, 223–Penalties of, 224, 260.

Humility, 170.


Impartiality, attribute of love, 142.

Impenitence, 368–Evidences of, 370.

Inability, 252–Natural, 3;23–Moral, 327–Physical, 337–Notion of, how accounted for, 353.

Inalienable rights, 225.

Infants, character of, 247.

Injustice, 194.

Intemperance, 200.

Intensity of choice, 97.

Intention and obligation, 22.

Intention, ultimate and proximate, 24.


Justice, attribute of love, 159–Retributive, 161, 259–Commercial, 162.

Justification, 117, 382–Nature of, 382–Conditions of, 384–Conditioned on sanctification, 391–Ground of, 398–Westminster Confession, 398.


Liberty, attribute of love, 140.

Locke, 353.

Love, its attributes. 135.

Love of complacency, 149.


Meekness, 169.

Mercy, attribute of love, 157.

Mixed action, theory of, 114.

Moral action, unity of, 95.

Moral agency, 13–Faculties of, 136.

Moral attributes of God, 137.

Moral depravity, universal, 233–How accounted for, 235, 252.


Moral excellence of God, 49.

Moral government, 6.

Moral inability, 327.

Moral law, 1–Obedience to, 95–Rule of duty, 115–Disobedience to, 180–In heaven, 593.

Moral order and obligation, 64.

Moral suasion scheme, 298.

Motives mixed, 102.


Natural affections and obedience, 125

Natural ability, 320.

Natural inability, 323.

Nature and relations of moral beings, and obligation, 65.

New covenant, 410.


Obedience, 95, 124–Not partial, 96–Entire, 115–Condition of justification, 117–As related to constitutional traits, 124–To natural affections 125–Impaired powers, 130–Condition of prevailing prayer, 131–As related to the judgment of others, 132.

Obligation, 12–Conditions of, 12–To executive acts, 18–Extent of, 20–Foundation of, 27–In relation to the will of God, 30. 80–Of gratitude, 59–Complex theory, 69–How measured, 203–Relation to ability, 336.

Offices of Christ, 442.

Opposition to holiness, 191.

Opposition to sin, 150.


Paley’s theory of obligation, 34, 85.

Parable of the good shepherd. 560–of the lost sheep, 575–of the sower, 578.

Partial obedience, 96.

Patience, 166.

Pelagianism, 456.

Penal sanction of God’s law, 209.

Penalty in human government, 224, 260.

Perfectionism, 455.

Perseverance, condition of justification, 391.

Perseverance of saints, 544–Different kinds of certainty, 544–The doctrine, 550–Not to be inferred from regeneration, 552–Nor from justification, 553–Proved, 554–Parable of good shepherd, 560–Ability and willingness of God, 563–Christ’s prayer, 566–Christ’s teaching, 569–Paul’s teaching, 571–View of apostles, 572–Eighth of Romans, 581–Objections answered, 585–Paul’s shipwreck, 595–Place for fear, 602–Saul, 605–David, 606––Solomon, 606–Israelites, 608–Passages opposed to perseverance, 610–Judas, 613.

Politics and Christian duty, 218.

Powers impaired, 130.

Prayer, condition of, 131.

Prayer of Christ, 566.

Punishment, desert of. 210–Endless, 209.

Purpose and decree, 524.

Presbyterian Confession, 240.

Pride, 171, 197.

Probation, 470.


Reason of moral government, 7.

Reformers. 313.

Regeneration, 282–Distinction between regeneration and conversion, 282–Its nature, 285–Agencies employed, 287–Necessity of, 287–Instrumentalities employed, 289–Subject both passive and active, 290–Theories of, 291–Taste scheme, 291–Divine efficiency scheme, 293–Susceptibility scheme, 295–Theory of moral suasion, 298–Evidences of, 300–Similar experiences of saints and sinners, 301–Different experiences, 309–Victory over sin, 317.

Religion and virtue, 116.

Religion a phenomenon of will, 149.

Retributive justice, 161, 259.

Resolutions, 223.

Repentance, 364–Partial, 122–Present sin, 123–Meaning of term, 363.

Reprobation, 499–Doctrine of reason, 500–Doctrine of revelation, 501–Reprobates, how known. 508–Reasons for, 503–just and benevolent. 506–Objections, 510.

Right and obligation, 38.

Rightarianism, tendency of, 90.

Rights inalienable, 225.

Right intention and wrong volition, 108.

Right to govern, 7.


Sabbath desecration, 227.

Sanctification, 402–Definition of terms, 403–question at issue, 406–Attainable in this life, 407–Tendency of denial of the doctrine, 418–Mrs. Edwards’s experience, 419–Attained by faith, 439–A condition of justification, 391–Bible argument, 408–Paul sanctified, 423–Self–righteous views, 432, 461–Conditions of attainment, 433–Works of law, 435–Offices of Christ, 442–Objections, 448–Testimony of consciousness, 457–As related to probation, 470.

Sanctions of law, 208.

Self–denial, 171, 314.

Self–gratification and selfishness, 152.

Self–interestedness, 18,6.

Selfishness, 151–Attributes of, 183–Unreasonableness of, 184–The propensities, 186–Partiality of, 187.

Selfish theory, tendency of, 85.

Self–love, 180.

Sentient being and good, 74.

Sentimental benevolence, 155.

Seventh of Romans, 359, 428.

Sin voluntary, 122.

Sin a unit, 183.

Sin not chosen for its own sake, 152, 180.

Sin natural to mankind, 257.

Sin not necessary to highest good, 535.

Sin of Adam, 253, 357.

Sinful nature, 231, 245.

Sinners, amiability of, 307.

Slavery, 227.

Sovereignty of God, 515–Meaning of term, 515–Bible doctrine, 518.

Stability, 176.

Susceptibility scheme, 293.


Tappan, H. P., 234. T.

Taste scheme, 291.

Tendency of theories of obligation, 80.

Theory of mixed action, tendency of, 114.

Total moral depravity, 202, 234.


Unbelief, 377.

Unity of moral action, 95–Objections, 110– Scripture teaching, 113.

Universality, attribute of love, 144. Utilitarianism, tendency of, 87.

Utility and obligation, 35.


Veracity, 163. V.

Victory over sin, 317.

Virtue and religion, 116.

Virtue, attribute of love,140.

Virtue, degrees of, 203.

Voluntariness, attribute of love, 139–attribute of selfishness, 183.


War, 225.

Westminster Confession, 339, 396, 398.

Wrong per se,92.


Xavier, 132.

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