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C. M.

Psalm 147.


Hugh White.

With songs and honors sounding loud,

Address the Lord on high;

Over the heaven’s he spreads his cloud,

And waters vail the sky.

2 He sends his showers of blessings down

To cheer the plains below;

He makes the grass the mountains crown,

And corn in valleys grow.

3 His steady counsels change the face

Of the declining year;

He bids the sun cut short his race,

And wintery days appear.

4 His hoary frost, his fleecy snow,

Descend and clothe the ground;

The liquid streams forbear to flow,

In icy fetters bound.

5 He sends his word, and melts the snow,

The fields no longer mourn;

He calls the warmer gales to blow,

And bids the spring return.

6 The changing wind, the flying cloud,

Obey his mighty word;

With songs and honors sounding loud,

Praise ye the sovereign Lord.

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