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Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.
2 Cor. 6:10.


W. H. Hurlbut.

We will not weep, for God is standing by us,

And tears will blind us to the blesséd sight;

We will not doubt, if darkness still doth try us:

Our souls have promise of serenest light.

2 We will not faint, if heavy burdens bend us;

They press no harder than our souls can bear;

The thorniest way is lying still behind us;

We shall be braver for the past despair.

3 O not in doubt shall be our journey’s ending:

Sin with its fears, shall leave us at the last;

All its best hopes in glad fulfillment blending,

Life shall be with us more when death is past.

4 Help us, O Father! when the world is pressing

On our frail hearts, that faint without their Friend;

Help us, O Father! let thy constant blessing

Strengthen our weakness, till the joyful end.

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