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L. M.

The refiner’s fire.
Mal. 3:3.

Charlotte Elliott.

Saviour! though my rebellious will

Has been, by thy blest power, renewed;

Yet in its secret workings still

How much remains to be subdued!

2 Oft I recall, with grief and shame,

How many years their course had run

Ere grace my murmuring heart o’ercame,

Ere I could say, “Thy will be done!”

3 At length thy patient, wondrous love,

Unchanging, tender, pitying, strong,

Availed that stony heart to move,

Which had rebelled, alas! so long.

4 Then was I taught by thee to say,

“Do with me what to thee seems best,

Give—take, whate’er thou wilt away,

Health, comfort, usefulness, or rest.

5 “Be my whole life in suffering spent,

But let me be in suffering thine;

Still, O my Lord, I am content,

Thou now hast made thy pleasure mine.”

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