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L. M. 6 lines.

Heb. 4:15.


As oft, with worn and weary feet,

We tread earth’s rugged valley o’er,

The thought—how comforting and sweet!

Christ took this very path before!

Our wants and weaknesses he knows,

From life’s first dawning to its close.

2 Do sickness, feebleness, or pain,

Or sorrow, in our path appear?

The recollection will remain,

More deeply did he suffer here!

His life, how truly sad and brief,

Filled up with suffering and with grief!

3 If Satan tempt our hearts to stray,

And whisper evil things within,

So did he, in the desert way,

Assail our Lord with thoughts of sin;

When worn, and in a feeble hour,

The tempter came with all his power.

4 Just such as I, this earth he trod,

With every human ill but sin;

And, though indeed the Son of God,

As I am now, so he has been.

My God, my Saviour, look on me

With pity, love and sympathy.

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