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1 Praise ye, O ye servants of Jehovah! Praise ye the name of Jehovah.

2 Let the name of Jehovah be blessed, From henceforth and for ever.

3 From the rising of the sun even to his going down, Worthy to be praised is the name of Jehovah.

4 High above all nations is Jehovah, Above the heavens is his glory.

5 Who is like Jehovah our God,

6 Who hath his dwelling on high, 382382     Literally, “who exalteth himself to dwell.” Who humbleth himself to behold that which is done in heaven and on earth?

7 Who raiseth from the dust the needy one; From the dunghill he lifteth up the wretched one;

8 To make him sit with princes, With the princes of his people.

9 Who causeth the barren woman to dwell with a family, Rejoicing that she is a mother of children. Hallelujah.

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