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To my most Honoured Patrons,


Appointed by the Will of the Honourable

Robert Boyle, Esq;

The Right Reverend Father in God,


Lord Bishop of Lincoln,

Sir Henry Ashurst, Kt and Baronet,
Sir John Rotheram, Serjeant at Law,
John Evelyn senior, Esquire.

Most Honoured,

GOD having disposed the Heart of that incomparable Person, the Honourable Robert Boyle Esquire, lately deceased, the Glory of our Nation and Age, whose Charity and Goodness were as universal iiias his Learning and Fame; 'To settle an Annual Salary for some Divine or Preaching Minister, who shall be enjoyned to perform the Offices following: 1. To preach Eight Sermons in the Year, for proving the Christian Religion against notorious Infidels, viz. Atheists, Deists, Pagans, Jews and Mahometans; not descending to any Controversies that are among Christians themselves: The Lectures to be on the First Monday of the respective Months of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November; in such Church as the Trustees shall from time to time appoint: 2. To be assisting to all Companies, and encouraging them in any Undertaking for propagating the Christian Religion: 3. To be ready to satisfy such Real Scruples as any may have concerning iv those Matters; and to answer such New Objections or Difficulties as may be started, to which good Answers have not yet been made: You have been pleased to believe me able in some measure to perform these Offices, and to command this First Essay to be made public. I am every sensible of the great Honour, as well as the great Extent and Difficulty of the Task; and shall endeavour to the utmost of my poor ability to answer the religious and generous Design of that Excellent Person, and the good Opinion you have entertained of

My most Honoured Patrons,

Your very obliged and

humble Servant

March I7. 169½. R. BENTLEY.

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