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EPHESIANS - Chapter 3 - Verse 20

Verse 20. Now unto him. It is not uncommon for Paul to utter an ascription of praise in the midst of an argument. See Ro 9:5; Ro 11:36; Ga 1:5. Here his mind is full of the subject; and in view of the fact that God communicates to his people such blessings, that they may become filled with all his fairness, he desires that praise should be given to him.

That is able to do. See Barnes "Ro 16:25".


Exceeding abundantly. The compound word here used occurs only in this place, and in 1 Th 3:10; 5:13. It means, to an extent which we cannot express.

Above all that we ask or think. More than all that we can desire in our prayers; more than all that we can conceive. See Barnes "1 Co 2:9".


According to the power that worketh in us. The exertion of that same power can accomplish for us more than we can now conceive.

{b} "unto him" Ro 16:25; Heb 13:20,21; Jude 1:24

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