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Heb. 4:14, to the end


Jesus, the Son of God, who once

for us his life resigned,

Now lives in heav’n, our great High Priest,

and never-dying friend.

Through life, through death, let us to him

with constancy adhere;

Faith shall supply new strength, and hope

shall banish ev’ry ear.

To human weakness not severe

is our High Priest above;

His heart o’erflows with tenderness,

his bowels melt with love.


With sympathetic feelings touched,

he knows our feeble frame;

He knows what sore temptations are,

for he has felt the same.

But though he felt temptation’s pow’r,

unconquered he remained;

Nor, ‘midst the frailty of our frame,

by sin was ever stained.

As, in the days of feeble flesh,

he poured forth cries and tears;

So, though exalted, still he feels

what ev’ry Christian bears.

Then let us, with a filial heart,

come boldly to the throne

Of grace supreme, to tell our griefs,

and all our wants make known:

That mercy we may there obtain

for sins and errors past,

And grace to help in time of need,

while days of trial last.

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