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Matth. 26:26-29


’Twas on that night, when doomed to know

The eager rage of ev’ry foe,

That night in which he was betrayed,

The Saviour of the world took bread:

And, after thanks and glory giv’n

To him that rules in earth and heav’n,

That symbol of his flesh he broke,

And thus to all his foll’wers spoke:

My broken body thus I give

For you, for all; take, eat, and live;

And oft the sacred rite renew,

That brings my wondrous love to view.

Then in his hands the cup he raised,

And God anew he thanked and praised;

While kindness in his bosom glowed,

And from his lips salvation flowed:

My blood I thus pour forth, be cries,

To cleanse the soul in sin that lies;

In this the covenant is sealed,

And Heav’n’s eternal grace revealed.

With love to man this cup is fraught,

Let all partake the sacred draught;

Through latest ages let it pour,

In mem’ry of my dying hour.

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