"When, Streaming from the Eastern Skies"
                        by William Shrubsole,1759-1829
                                  Text From:
              (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p.385

        1. When, streaming from the eastern skies,
        The morning light salutes my eyes,
        O Sun of Righteousness Divine,
        On me with beams of mercy shine;
        Chase the dark clouds of sin away
        And turn my darkness into day.

        2. When to heaven's great and glorious King
        My morning sacrifice I bring
        And, grieving o'er my guilt and shame,
        Ask mercy, Savior, in Thy name.
        My conscience sprinkle with Thy blood
        And be my Advocate with God.

        3. When each day's scenes and labors close
        And wearied nature seeks repose,
        With pardoning mercy, richly blest,
        Guard me, my Savior, while I rest;
        And as each morning's sun shall rise,
        Oh, lead me onward to the skies!

        4. And at my life's last setting sun,
        My conflict o'er, my labor done,
        Jesus, Thy heavenly radiance shed
        To cheer ands bless my dying bed
        And from death's gloom my spirit raise
        To see Thy face and sing Thy praise.

Notes: Hymn #543 from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Ps. 55:1 Author: William Shrubsole,1813,cento. alt. Tune: "All' Ehr' und Lob 1st Published in: _Kirchengesangbuch_ Town: Strassburg, 1541
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