"I Leave All Things to God's Direction"

                      by Salomo Franck, 1685

           Translated by August Crull, 1845-1923

                                 Text From:

                      THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL

        (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

        1. I leave all things to God's direction,

        He loveth me in weal and woe;

        His will is good, true His affection.

        With tender love His heart doth glow.

        My Fortress and my Rock is He:

        What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

        2. My God hath all things in His keeping,

        He is the ever faithful Friend;

        He grants me laughter after weeping,

        And all His ways in blessings end.

        His love endures eternally:

        What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

        3. The will of God shall be my pleasure

        While here on earth is mine abode;

        My will is wrong beyond all measure,

        It doth not will what pleaseth God.

        The Christian's motto e'er must be:

        What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

        4. God knows what must be done to save me,

        His love for me will never cease;

        Upon His hands He did engrave me

        With purest gold of loving grace.

        His will supreme must ever be!

        What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

        5. My God desires the soul's salvation,

        Me also He desires to save;

        Therefore with Christian resignation

        All earthly troubles I will brave.

        His will be done eternally:

        What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

Notes: Hymn #529 from The Lutheran Hymnal Text: Rom. 8: 28 Author: Salomo Franck, 1685 Translated by: August Crull, 1923, alt. Titled: "Ich halte Gott in allem stille" Composer: Georg Neumark, 1640 Tune: "Wer nur den lieben Gott"
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