"O God of Mercy, God of Might"
                         by Godfrey Thring, 1823-1903
                                  Text From:
              (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p.439

        1. O God of mercy, God of might,
        In love and pity infinite,
        Teach us, as ever, in Thy sight,
        To live our life to Thee.

        2. And Thou, who cam'st on earth to die
        That fallen man might live thereby,
        Oh, hear us; for to Thee we cry,
        In hope, O Lord, to Thee.

        3. Teach us the lesson Thou hast taught,
        To feel for those Thy blood hath bought
        That every word and deed and thought
        May work a work for Thee.

        4. All are redeemed, both far and wide,
        Since Thou, O Lord, for all hast died.
        Oh, teach us, whatsoe'er betide,
        To love them all in Thee!

        5. In sickness, sorrow, want, or care,
        Whate'er it be, 'tis ours to share;
        May we, where help is needed, there
        Give help as unto Thee!

        6. And may Thy Holy Spirit move
        All those who live to live in love
        Till Thou shalt greet in heaven above
        All those who live to Thee.

Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Hymn #439 Text: Luke 10: 36, 37 Author: Godfrey Thring, 1877, alt. Composer: Samuel Howard, 1782 Tune: "Isleworth"
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