"What Is the World to Me"

                  by Georg M. Pfefferkorn, 1667

            Translated by August Crull, 1845-1923

                                 Text From:

                      THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL

        (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

        1. What is the world to me

        With all its vaunted pleasure

        When Thou, and Thou alone,

        Lord Jesus, art my Treasure!

        Thou only, dearest Lord,

        My soul's Delight shalt be;

        Thou art my Peace, my Rest,-

        What is the world to me!

        2. The would is like a cloud

        And like a vapor fleeting,

        A shadow that declines,

        Swift to its end retreating.

        My Jesus doth abide,

        Though all things fade and flee;

        My everlasting Rock,-

        What is the world to me!

        3. The world seeks to be praised

        And honored by the mighty,

        Yet never once reflects

        That they are frail and flighty.

        But what I truly prize

        Above all things is He,

        My Jesus, He alone,-

        What is the world to me!

        4. The world seeks after wealth

        And all that Mammon offers,

        Yet never is content

        Though gold should fill it coffers.

        I have a higher good,

        Content with it I'll be:

        My Jesus is my Wealth,-

        What is the world to me!

        5. The world is sorely grieved

        Whenever it is slighted

        Or when its hollow fame

        And honor have been blighted.

        Christ, Thy reproach I bear

        Long as it pleaseth Thee;

        I'm honored by my Lord,-

        What is the world to me!

        6. The world with wanton pride

        Exalts its sinful pleasures

        And for them foolishly

        Gives up the heavenly treasures.

        Let others love the world

        With all its vanity;

        I love the Lord, my God,-

        What is the world to me!

        7. The world abideth not;

        Lo, like a flash 'twill vanish;

        With all it gorgeous pomp

        Pale death it cannot banish;

        Its riches pass away,

        And all its joys must flee;

        But Jesus doth abide,-

        What is the world to me!

        8. What is the world to me!

        My Jesus is my Treasure,

        My Life, my Health, my Wealth,

        My Friend, my Love, my Pleasure,

        My Joy, my Crown, my All,

        My Bliss eternally.

        Once more, then, I declare:

        What is the world to me!

Notes: Hymn #430 from The Lutheran Hymnal Text: 1 John 2: 15-17 Author: Georg M. Pfefferkorn, 1667 Translated by: August Crull,1923, alt. Titled: "Was frag' ich nach der Welt" Composer: Ahasverus Fritsch, 1679 Tune: "Was frag' ich nach der Welt"
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