"Seek Where Ye May to Find a Way"
                          by Georg Weissel, 1590-1635
                     Translated by Arthur Voss 1899-1955
                                  Text From:
                              THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL
                 (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

        1. Seek where ye may To find a way
        That leads to your salvation;
        My heart is stilled, On Christ I build,
        He is the one Foundation.
        His Word is sure, His works endure;
        He doth o'erthrow My every foe;
        Through Him I more than conquer.

        2. Seek whom ye may To be your stay;
        None can redeem his brother.
        All helpers failed, This Man prevailed,
        The God-man, and none other.
        Our Servant-Lord Did help afford;
        We're justified, For He hath died,
        The Guiltless for the guilty.

        3. Seek Him alone, Who did atone,
        Who did your souls deliver;
        Yea, seek Him first, All ye who thirst
        For grace that faileth never.
        In every need Seek Him indeed;
        To every heart He will impart
        His blessings without measure.

        4. My heart's Delight, My Crown most bright,
        Thou, Jesus, art forever.
        Nor wealth nor pride Nor aught beside
        Our bond of love shall sever.
        Thou art my Lord; Thy precious Word
        Shall be my guide, Whate'er betide.
        Oh, teach me, Lord, to trust Thee!

        5. Hide not from me, I ask of Thee,
        Thy gracious face and favor.
        Though floods of woe Should o'er me flow,
        My faith shall never waver.
        From pain and grief Grant sweet relief;
        For tears I weep, Lord, let me reap
        Thy heavenly joy and glory.

Notes: Hymn #383 from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Acts 4:12 Author: Georg Weissel, 1623 Translated by: Arthur Voss, 1938 Titled: "Such', wer da will, ein ander Ziel" Composer: Johann Stobaeus, 1613, ad. Tune: "Such', wer da will"
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