"If Thy Beloved Son, O God"

                 By Johann Heermann, 1585-1647

                                  Text From:

                       THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL

        (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

        1. If Thy beloved Son, O God,

        Had not to earth descended

        And in our mortal flesh and blood

        Had not sin's power ended,

        Then this poor, wretched soul of mine

        In hell eternally would pine

        Because of its transgression.

        2. But now I find sweet peace and rest,

        Despair no more reigns o'er me;

        No more am I by sin opprest,

        For Christ has borne sin for me.

        Upon the cross for me He died

        That, reconciled, I might abide

        With Thee, my God, forever.

        3. I trust in Him with all my heart;

        Now all my sorrow ceases;

        His words abiding peace impart,

        His blood from guilt releases.

        Free grace through Him I now obtain;

        He washes me from every stain,

        And pure I stand before Him.

        4. All righteousness by works is vain,

        The Law brings condemnation;

        True righteousness by faith I gain,

        Christ's work is my salvation.

        His death, that perfect sacrifice,

        Has paid the all-sufficient price;

        In Him my hope is anchored.

        5. My guilt, O Father, Thou hast laid

        On Christ, Thy Son, my Savior.

        Lord Jesus, Thou my debt hast paid

        And gained for me God's favor.

        O Holy Ghost, Thou Fount of grace,

        The good in me to Thee I trace;

        In faith do Thou preserve me.

Notes: Hymn #375 from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Gal. 2: 16 Author: St. 1-4, Johann Heermann, 1630 Author: St. 5, unknown, 1661 Translated by: Composite Titled: "Wenn dein herzliebster Sohn, o Gott" Tune: "Nun freut euch" 1st Published in: _Etlich' christliche Lieder_ Town: Wittenberg, 1524
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