"Jesus, Thou Art Mine Forever"

                   by Matthias Loy, 1828-1915

                                 Text From:

                      THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL

        (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

        1. Jesus, Thou art mine forever,

        Dearer far than earth to me;

        Neither life nor death shall sever

        Those sweet ties which bind to Thee.

        2. All were drear to me and lonely

        If Thy presence gladdened not;

        While I sing to Thee, Thee only,

        Mine's an ever blissful lot.

        3. Thou alone art all my Treasure,

        Who hast died that I may live;

        Thou conferrest noblest pleasure,

        Who dost all my sins forgive.

        4. Brightest gems and fairest flowers

        Lose their beauty in Thy frown;

        Joy and peace, like balmy showers,

        In Thy smile come gently down.

        5. Jesus, Thou art mine forever;

        Never suffer me to stray.

        Let me in my weakness never

        Cast my priceless pearl away.

        6. Lamb of God, I do implore Thee,

        Guard, support me, lest I fall.

        Let me evermore adore Thee;

        Be my everlasting All.

Notes: Hymn #357 from The Lutheran Hymnal Text: Ps. 73: 24 Author: Matthias Loy, 1863 Tune: "Stuttgart" 1st Published in: "Psalmodia Sacra" Town: Gotha, 1715
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