"Jesus Sinners Doth Receive"
                   by Erdmann Neumeister, 1671-1756
                             Text From:
                         THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL
             (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

        1. Jesus sinners doth receive;
        Oh, may all this saying ponder
        Who in sin's delusions live
        And from God and heaven wander!
        Here is hope for all who grieve--
        Jesus sinners doth receive.

        2. We deserve but grief and shame,
        Yet His words, rich grace revealing,
        Pardon, peace, and life proclaim.
        Here their ills have perfect healing
        Who with humble hearts believe--
        Jesus sinners doth receive.

        3. Sheep that from the fold did stray
        No true shepherd e'er forsaketh:
        Weary souls that lost their way
        Christ, the Shepherd, gently taketh
        In His arms that they may live--
        Jesus sinners doth receive.

        4. Come, ye sinners, one and all,
        Come, accept His invitation;
        Come, obey His gracious call,
        Come and take His free salvation!
        Firmly in these words believe:
        Jesus sinners doth receive.

        5. I, a sinner, come to Thee
        With a penitent confession;
        Savior, mercy show to me
        Grant for all my sins remission.
        Let these words my soul relieve:
        Jesus sinners doth receive.

        6. Oh, how blest it is to know;
        Were as scarlet my transgression,
        It shall be as white as snow
        By Thy blood and bitter Passion:
        For these words I now believe:
        Jesus sinners doth receive.

        7. Now my conscience is at peace,
        From the Law I stand acquitted;
        Christ hath purchased my release
        And my every sin remitted.
        Naught remains my soul to grieve,--
        Jesus sinners doth receive.

        8. Jesus sinners doth receive.
        Also I have been forgiven;
        And when I this earth must leave,
        I shall find an open heaven.
        Dying, still to Him I cleave--
        Jesus sinners doth receive.

Notes: Hymn #324 from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Luke 15:2 Author: Erdmann Neumeister, 1718 Translated by: composite Titled: "Jesus nimmt die Suender an" Tune: "Meinen Jesum lass' ich nicht" 1st Published in: _Neuverfertigtes Gesangbuch_ Town: Darmstadt, 1699
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