"Christ the Lord is Risen Today; Alleluia!"
                   by unknown author, 11th or 12th century
                   Translated by Jane E. Leeson, 1807-1882
                                 Text From:
             (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p.145

	1. Christ the Lord is risen today; Alleluia!
	Christians, haste your vows to pay; Alleluia!
	Offer ye your praises meet Alleluia!
	At the Paschal Victim's feet. Alleluia!
	2.For the sheep the Lamb hath bled, Alleluia!
	Sinless in the sinners' stead. Alleluia!
	"Christ is risen," today we cry; Alleluia!
	Now He lives no more to die. Alleluia!
	3. Christ, the Victim undefiled, Alleluia!
	God and man hath reconciled Alleluia!
	While in strange and awe-full strife Alleluia!
	Met together Death and Life: Alleluia!
	4. Christians, on this happy day Alleluia!
	Haste with joy your vows to pay. Alleluia!
	"Christ is risen," today we cry; Alleluia!
	Now He lives no more to die. Alleluia!
	5. Christ, who once for sinners bled, Alleluia!
	Now the First-born from the dead, Alleluia!
	Throned in endless might and power, Alleluia!
	Lives and reigns forevermore. Alleluia!
	6. Hail, eternal Hope on high! Alleluia!
	Hail, Thou King of victory! Alleluia!
	Hail, Thou Prince of Life adored! Alleluia!
	Help and save us, gracious Lord. Alleluia!

Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Hymn #191 Text: Mark 16:6 Author: unknown, 11th or 12th century Translated by: Jane E. Leeson, 1851 Composer: Robert Williams, 1817 Tune: "Llanfair"
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