"Our Blessed Savior Seven Times Spoke"
                      by Johann Boeschenstain, 1472-1539?
                    Translated by Frances E. Cox, 1812-1897
                                  Text From:
              (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942)p.139

	1. Our blessed Savior seven times spoke
	When on the cross our sins He took
	And died lest man should perish.
	Let us His last and dying words
	In our remembrance cherish.
	2. "Father, forgive these men, for, lo,
	They truly know not what they do."
	So far His love extended.
	Forgive us, Lord, for we, too, have
	Through ignorance offended.
	3. Now to the contrite thief He cries:
	"Thou, verily, in paradise
	Shalt meet Me ere tomorrow."
	Lord, take us to Thy kingdom soon
	Who linger here in sorrow.

	4. To weeping Mary, standing by,
	"Behold thy son!" now hear him cry;
	To John, "Behold thy mother!"
	Provide, O Lord, for those we leave:
	Let each befriend the other.
	5. The Savior's fourth word was "I thirst!"
	O mighty Prince of Life, Thy thirst
	For us and our salvation
	Is truly great; do help us, then,
	That we escape damnation.
	6. The fifth, "My God, My God, oh, why
	Forsake Me?" Hark. the awe-full cry!
	Lord, Thou wast here forsaken
	That we might be received on high;
	Let this hope not be shaken.
	7. The sixth, when victory was won,
	"'Tis finished!" for Thy work was done.
	Grant, Lord, that, onward pressing,
	We may the Work Thou dost impose
	Fulfil with Thine own blessing.

	8. The last, as woe and sufferings end,
	"O God, My Father, I commend
	Into Thy hands My spirit."
	Be this, dear Lord, my dying wish;
	O heavenly Father, hear it.
	9. Whoe'er, by sense of sin opprest,
	Upon these words his thoughts will rest,
	He Joy and hope obtaineth
	And, through God's love and boundless grace
	A peaceful conscience gaineth.
	10. O Jesus Christ, Thou Crucified,
	Who hast for our offenses died,
	Grant that we e'er may ponder
	Thy wounds, Thy cross, Thy bitter death,
	Both here below and yonder.

Notes: Hymn #177 from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Heb. 5:7 Author: Johann Boeschenstain, c. 1515, alt. Translated by: Frances E. Cox, 1841, alt. Titled: "Da Jesus an des Kreuzes Stamm" Tune: "Da Jesus an des Kreuzes" Melody: German melody, c. 1400
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