"Thou Who Roll'st the Year Around"
                       by Ray Palmer, 1808-1887
                                Text From:
            (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942)p.90

        1. Thou who roll'st the year around,
        Crowned with mercies large and free,
        Rich Thy gifts to us abound;
        Warm our praise shall rise to Thee.

        2. Kindly to our worship bow
        While our grateful thanks we tell,
        That, sustained by Thee, we now
        Bid the parting year farewell.

        3. All its numbered days are sped,
        All its busy scenes are o'er,
        All its joys forever fled,
        All its sorrows felt no more.

        4. Mingled with the eternal past,
        Its remembrance shall decay,
        Yet to be revived at last
        At the solemn Judgment Day.

        5. All our follies, Lord, forgive;
        Cleanse us from each guilty stain.
        Let Thy grace within us live
        That we spend not years in vain.

        6. Then when life's last eve shall come,
        Happy spirits, may we fly
        To our everlasting home,
        To our Father's house on high!

Notes: Hymn #111 from _The Handbook to Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Ps. 90:12 Author: Ray Palmer, 1832 Tune: "Aus der Tiefe" 1st Published in: _Nuernbergisches Gesangbuch_, 1676
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