"Redeemed, Restored, Forgiven"
                         by Henry W. Baker, 1821-1877
                                  Text From:
                              THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL
                 (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

        1. Redeemed, restored, forgiven,
        Through Jesus' precious blood,
        Heirs of His home in heaven,
        Oh, praise our pardoning God!
        Praise Him in tuneful measures
        Who gave His Son to die;
        Praise Him whose sevenfold treasures
        Enrich and sanctify.

        2. Once on the dreary mountain
        We wandered far and wide,
        Far from the cleansing fountain,
        Far from the pierced side;
        But Jesus sought and found us
        And washed our guilt away;
        With cords of love He bound us
        To be His own for aye.

        3. Dear Master, Thine the glory
        Of each recovered soul.
        Ah! who can tell the story
        Of love that made us whole?
        Not ours, not ours, the merit;
        Be thine alone the praise
        And ours a thankful spirit
        To serve Thee all our days.

        4. Now keep us, holy Savior,
        In Thy true love and fear
        And grant us of Thy favor
        The grace to persevere
        Till, in Thy new creation,
        Earth's time-long travail o'er,
        We find our full salvation
        And praise Thee evermore.

Notes: Hymn #32 from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Luke 15:24 Author: Henry W. Baker, 1876 Tune: "Ich dank' dir, lieber Herre" 1st Published in: _Musika Deutsch_ Town: Nuernberg, 1532
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