Christian Classics Ethereal Library: MIDI Files Being Moved

What happened to CCEL's 200 MIDI Files?

This directory really did contain over 200 MIDI Files and other material related to hymns. Those files were not well indexed, cataloged, or labelled.

These issues have been addressed in the new Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary, which is first an index of hymn tunes: by author or source, by tune name, and by "incipit" (that is, the beginning notes.) Each tune is cross-referenced to online electronic versions, which are labelled by format, source, and arrangement.

As the files herein are identified (tune, format, and arrangement), they are being moved to the CCEH. This will break any prior "deep-links" to specific files, but the CCEH indexing scheme should provide a fixed location that remains valid and becomes even more useful as more material (music, history, or indexes) is added for each hymn.

If you have any questions, please contact me.