Psalm 16:1

1. Keep [or guard1] me, O God; for in thee do I trust.2


This is a prayer in which David commits himself to the protection of God. He does not, however, here implore the aid of God, in some particular emergency, as he often does in other psalms, but he beseeches him to show himself his protector during the whole course of his life, and indeed our safety both in life and in death depends entirely upon our being under the protection of God. What follows concerning trust, signifies much the same thing as if the Holy Spirit assured us by the mouth of David, that God is ready to succor all of us, provided we rely upon him with a sure and steadfast faith; and that he takes under his protection none but those who commit themselves to him with their whole heart. At the same time, we must be reminded that David, supported by this trust, continued firm and unmoved amidst all the storms of adversity with which he was buffeted.

1 "Guard me." The Hebrew word expresses the actions of those who watch over another's safety, as of guards attending their king, or a shepherd keeping his flock." -- Horsley.

2 "The Hebrew word ytyox, chasithi, from ox, chasah, denotes to betake one's self for refuge to anyone, under whose protection he may be safe, as chickens under the wing of the hen." -- Buxtor. ff.