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by J. B. Phillips

Hodder & Stoughton

First Published - February 1956
Second Impression - July 1956


1. Explanation

2. The Angels' Point of View (The "Visited Planet")

3. God Makes News

4. The Faith-faculty

1. The Faith-faculty in the New Testament

2. "Faith" in the Young Church

3. "Faith" in Today's World

5. Ground for Hope

6. Love

1. The Temptation to Imitate Love

2. The Temptation to Hate Oneself

3. The Temptation to Separate Love of God from Love of People

4. The Temptation to Feel that People are not Worth Loving

7. The Love-deficiency

8. Peace

1. The Problem of Self-pleasing

2. The Resolving of Inner Conflicts

3. The Sharing of Life with God

4. Realisation of Adequate Resources

5. Peace as a Positive Gift

6. Alignment with the Purpose

9. Christian Maintenance

10. Christian Service

11. Some Conclusions



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