Colour Code: Blue - Christmas story; black - Ministry; red - Easter story; purple - life & worship



Luke 1:1-80

1: 1-4 Prologue

1: 5-25 The coming birth of John the Baptist is announced - also 1: 5-6 Celibacy

1:26-56 The coming birth of Jesus is announced - also 1:28b Prayer book texts - The Ave Maria; 1:37,45 God - his promises; 1:38a Obedience to God; 1:45 Women; 1:46b-55 Prayer book texts - The Magnificat

1:57-80 Birth and childhood of John the Baptist - also 1:68-79 Prayer book texts - The Benedictus

Luke 2:1-52

2: 1-38 Birth of Jesus - also 2:14 Prayer book texts - The Gloria; 2:25b-27a The Holy Spirit; 2:29-32 Prayer book texts - Nunc Dimittis

2:39-52 Infancy and childhood of Jesus

Luke 3:1-38

3: 1-20 Appearance of John the Baptist - also 3:11b Charitable giving; 3:12-13 Greed; 3:12-13 Honesty; 3:14 Pacificism

3:21-23a Baptism of Jesus

3:23b-38 Another account of the ancestry of Jesus

Luke 4:1-44

4: 1-13 Jesus' temptation by the devil - also 4: 1-2a The Holy Spirit; 4:13 The devil; 4:13 Temptation


4:14-15 How Jesus starts his ministry

4:16-30 Jesus is rejected in Nazarth for the first time - "The prophet without honour in his own town"

4:31-37 The madman in the synagogue at Capernaum

4:38-41 Peter's mother-in-law's fever; Jesus also heals many others that evening

4:42-44 Jesus continues preaching and healing

Luke 5:1-39

5: 1-11 Calling of Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John

5: 4-10 The first miraculous catch of fish

5:12-16 The leper

5:17-26 The paralysed man

5:27-32 Calling of Matthew the tax collector

5:31-32 Jesus has come to save those who are lost - "The doctor and the sick"

5:33-35 The presence of Jesus should mean joy - "The wedding guests and the bridegroom"

5:36-39 The teaching of Jesus and the old ways can not be mixed - "The new cloth sewn onto the old" and "The new wine poured into old wineskins"

Luke 6:1-49

6: 1-5 The disciples pick corn on the Sabbath - "The Sabbath is made for man"

6: 6-11 The man with the shrivelled hand

6:12-16 Choosing the twelve apostles

6:17-19 Jesus continues healing many

6:20-26 True happiness and sorrow - "The Beatitudes" - also 6:20b-23a The happy; 6:24-26 Sorrow

6:27-28 Don't hate - "Love your enemies"

6:29a Don't take revenge - "Turning the other cheek"

6:29b-30 Don't set limits on how much you serve - "Go the extra mile"

6:31 Doing to others as we would have them do to us - "The Golden Rule" in the positive form

6:32-36 Don't hate - "Love your enemies" - concluded - also 6:36 Mercy

6:37-38 The price of criticism and treating others badly - "Measure for measure"

6:39-40 We can only teach what we know and practise - "The blind leading the blind"

6:41-42 The hypocrisy of judging others - "The plank of wood in our own eye"

6:43-45 Being known by what we do and say - "The good and bad fruit trees"

6:46 Are we really doing God's will? or will Jesus say "I never knew you!"

6:47-49 The only real security is in Jesus -"The house built on the rock"

Luke 7:1-50

7: 1-10 The Roman centurion's servant

7:11-17 Raising the widow of Nain's dead son

7:18-35 Jesus and John the Baptist compared - "Yet still the people will not repent"

7:36-50 Forgiveness and who loves the most - "The two debtors"

Luke 8:1-56

8: 1-3 Some of his women disciples - also 8: 1b-3 Women

8: 4-8 Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven (1) Listening and responding to the Gospel of Jesus - "Sowing the seed"

8: 9-10 Parables: Why Jesus spoke in parables

8:11-15 "Sowing the seed" - concluded

8:16-17 Living as witnesses to Jesus Christ - "Light, and the lamp on the stand

8:18 The price of criticism and treating others badly - "Measure for measure" - concluded

8:19-21 Jesus and His own family - "Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?"

8:22-25 Calming the storm

8:26-39 The madmen and the Gadarene pigs

8:40-56 The woman with the haemorrhage and the raising of Jairus' daughter

Luke 9:1-62

9: 1-6 The twelve apostles are sent out to preach and heal

9: 7-9 Death of John the Baptist

9:10-17 Feeding the five thousand

9:18-21 "Who do people say I am?" asks Jesus

9:22 Jesus teaches about his death and resurrection for a first time

9:23-27 Carrying the cross of Jesus

9:28-36 The Transfiguration of Jesus - also 9:32-33 Human frailty

9:37-43a The epileptic boy

9:43b-45 Jesus teaches about his death and resurrection for a second time - also 9:45 Spiritual insight and blindness

9:46-48 Who is the greatest?

9:49-50 The man not against Jesus is for him

9:51-56 Jesus and the Samaritans - His rejection by a village in Samaria

9:57-62 Hard decisions for the followers of Jesus - "Let the dead bury the dead!" - also 9:62b The pilgrim life

Luke 10:1-42

10: 1-12 More disciples are needed - The 72 disciples are sent out

10:13-15 Woes on the unbelieving cities

10:16-20 The 72 disciples later return

10:21-24 Jesus rejoices for those able to understand his message

10:25-37 Who is our neighbour? "The good Samaritan" - also 10:25-28 The Christian life in outline; 10:36-37 Real religion

10:38-42 Two more women followers of Jesus, Martha and Mary, and how they received him

Luke 11:1-54

11: 1-4 A pattern for prayer - "The Lord's Prayer" - also 11: 2b-4 Prayer

11: 5-8 How God will answer our prayers - "The friend at midnight"

11: 9-10 God's gifts are freely available to everyone - "Ask! seek! knock!"

11:11-13 Asking in prayer; how God meets our real needs - "The bread and the stone, the fish and the snake" - also 11:13 The Holy Spirit

11:14-23 Jesus is accused of using the devil's power to heal

11:14 The dumb (and blind) man

11:24-26 The danger of not being filled with the things of God - "The return of the evil spirit"

11:27-28 True happiness is hearing and obeying God - also 11:27b-28 The Holy Bible; 11:28 Obedience to God

11:29-32 The Scribes and Pharisees demand a sign from Jesus

11:33 Living as witnesses to Jesus Christ - "Light, and the lamp on the stand - concluded

11:34-36 Our eyes as a guide to our inner being - "The inward light

11:37-54 Jesus criticises the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees

Luke 12:1-59

12: 1 The yeast of the Pharisee's

12: 2-12 Warnings as the apostles are sent out

12: 8-10 Jesus is accused of using the devil's power to heal - concluded - also 12:10-12 The Holy Spirit

12:13-21 Searching for security in material possessions - "The rich and foolish man" - also 12:15a Envy; 12:15 Greed; 12:15 Possessions; 12:15-21 Materialism

12:22-31 Worrying about money and possessions - "How God provides for the birds and the flowers"

12:32-34 Real security in life -"Not from moth-eaten and rusting treasures on earth"

12:35-48 Being prepared for the coming of Jesus - "The servants and the returning master"

12:49-53 Warnings as the apostles are sent out - continued

12:54-56 The Scribes and Pharisees demand more signs from Jesus

12:57-59 Settling disagreements wisely

Luke 13:1-35

13: 1-9 If we continue to reject God - "The unfruitful fig-tree"

13:10-17 The crippled woman

13:18-19 Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven (3) "The tiny mustard seed that grows into a great tree"

13:20-21 Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven (4) "The yeast mixed with flour"

13:22-30 Will Jesus say I never knew you!

13:31-35 Jesus and the antagonism of Herod Antipas

Luke 14:1-35

14: 1-6 The man with dropsy

14: 7-14 Learning humility the hard way - "Taking the best seat at the wedding feast". Also "Real charity" - also 14:11 Worldliness; 14:12b-14a Hospitality; 14:12b-14 Charitable giving

14:15-24 Continuing to reject God - "Invitations to the great banquet for the king's son"

14:25-33 Counting the cost of following Jesus - "The unfinished tower" and "The king going to war"

14:25-27 Warnings as the apostles are sent out - concluded

14:34-35 Living as witnesses to Jesus Christ - "Salt, and the salt of the earth

Luke 15:1-32

15: 1-7 God's great love for the lost (1) "The lost sheep" - also 15: 1-2 Snobbery

15: 8-10 God's great love for the lost (2) "The lost silver coin"

15:11-32 God's great love for the lost (3) "The prodigal son, the elder brother and their father"

Luke 16:1-31

16:1-13 Being wise in the ways of the world - "The shrewd but dishonest manager"

16:13 We cannot serve God and money at the same time

16:14-15 The Pharisees and prosperity - also 16:15b God's ways are not ours; 16:15b Spiritual insight and blindness

16:16-17 Jesus has come not to abolish the Law and the Prophets, but to complete them

16:18 Divorce and adultery - also 16:18 Adultery

16:19-31 The time for sharing our riches is now - "The rich man in hell and the poor Lazarus in Heaven"

Luke 17:1-37

17: 1-3a Leading others into sin - "The millstone around the neck"

17:3b-4 Forgiving seven times in one day - also 17: 3b Disagreements; 17: 3b-4 Forgiveness

17: 5-6 Faith as big as a mustard seed - also 17: 5-6 Faith

17: 7-10 Uncomplaining service - "A servant's duty"

17:11-19 The ten lepers - also 17:12b-18 Ingratitude

17:20-37 The end-times and the return of Jesus

Luke 18:1-43

18: 1-8 Keep on praying - "The persistent widow and the unjust judge"

18: 9-14 Pride and humility - "The Pharisee and the tax-collector" - also 18:14b Snobbery

18:15-17 Accepting the kingdom of God like a child

18:18-30 Possessions as a possible barrier to following Jesus - "The rich young man"

18:31-34 Jesus teaches about his death and resurrection for a third time - also 18:34 Spiritual insight and blindness

18:35-43 The blind men near Jericho

Luke 19:1-48

19: 1-10 The calling of Zacchaeus the tax collector

19:11-27 Using our gifts and abilities while waiting for the return of Jesus - "The ten pounds or minas"


19:28-44 The final entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

19:45-48 Jesus drives the buyers and sellers from the Temple

Luke 20:1-47

20: 1-8 The authority of Jesus is questioned

20: 9-19 Those who won't accept God (2) "The wicked tenants of the vineyard". Also "The rejected stone"

20:20-26 The Pharisees and Herodians question him - paying taxes

20:27-40 The Sadducees question him - rising from death

20:41-44 Jesus in return, asks a question about the expected Messiah

20:45-47 Jesus criticises the teachers of the Law (or Scribes) and Pharisees

Luke 21:1-38

21: 1-4 Jesus compares the rich man's giving with the widow's offering

21: 5-38 Jesus describes the end-times and His return

21:29-33 Being prepared for the end-times and the return of Jesus(1) "The lesson of the fig-tree"

Luke 22:1-71

22: 1-2 The plot to kill Jesus

22: 3-6 Judas Iscariot decides to betray him

22: 7-30 The last supper - also 22:19-20 The Lord's Supper; 22:24-27 Self-importance

22:31-46 The last night continued and the garden of Gethsemane - also 22:42 Obedience to God

22:47-54a Jesus is betrayed and arrested

22:49-51 The severed ear of the high priest's servant

22:54b-71 Jesus is tried before the Jewish authorities; Peter betrays him

22:63-65 Jesus is ill-treated during his trial

Luke 23:1-56

23: 1 Jesus before the Jewish authorities - concluded

23: 2-25 Jesus before the Roman Pontius Pilate

23:26-46 His crucifixion and death

23:44-45 Supernatural events as Jesus dies

23:47-49 Some of the people present

23:50-56 His burial - also 23:56b The Sabbath


Luke 24:1-53

24: 1-12 The empty tomb

24:13-44 The resurrection of Jesus and his appearances

24:45-50 His commission to preach the Gospel to the world - also 24:49 The Holy Spirit

24:51-53 Jesus ascends to heaven

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