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An Almanacke for xxxix. yeeres. | To finde Easter for euer.

The Table and Kalender, expressing the order of
Psalmes and Lessons to be said at Morning and Euening prayer
throughout the yeere, except certaine proper feasts, as the rules
following more plainely declare.

The order how the Psalter is appointed to be read.

THe Psalter shall bee read through once euery Moneth. And because that some Moneths be longer then some other be, it is thought good to make them euen by this meanes.

To euery moneth shal be appointed (as concerning this purpose) iust thirtie dayes.

And because Ianuary and March haue one day aboue the sayd number, and February, which is placed betweene them both, hath onely xxviij. dayes: February shall borrowe of either of the Moneths (of Ianuary and March) one day: and so the Psalter which shall bee read in February, must begin at the last day of Ianuary, and end the first day of March.

And whereas May, Iuly, August, October, and December haue xxxj. dayes apiece: It is ordered that the Psalmes shal be read the last day of the said Moneths, which were read the day before, so that the Psalter may begin againe the first day of the next moneth ensuing.

Now to know what Psalmes shall be read euery day: Looke in the Kalender the number that is appointed for the Psalmes, and then find the same number in this Table, and vpon that number you shall see what Psalmes shall be sayd at Morning and Euening prayer.

And where the Cxix. Psalme is diuided into xxij. portions, and is ouerlong to be read at one time: it is so ordered, that at one time shall not be read aboue foure or fiue of the said portions, as you shall perceiue to be noted in this Table following.

And here is also to bee noted, that in this Table, and in all other parts of the Seruice where any Psalms are appointed, the number is expressed after the great English Bible, which from the ix. Psalme vnto the Cxviij. Psalme, (following the diuision of the Hebrewes) doeth varie in numbers from the common Latine Translation.

The order how the rest of holy Scripture (beside the Psalter)
is appointed to bee read.

THe old Testament is appointed for the first Lessons at Morning and Euening prayer, and shalbe read through euery yeere once, except certaine Bookes and Chapters, which be least edifying, and might best be spared, and therfore are left vnread.

The New Testament is appointed for the second Lessons at Morning and Euening prayer, and shall be read ouer orderly euery yeere thrise, besides the Epistles and Gospels: except the Apocalypse, out of the which there be onely certaine Lessons appointed vpon diuers proper Feastes.

And to know what Lessons shall be read euery day, finde the day of the Moneth in the Kalender, going before and there ye shall perceiue the Bookes and Chapters that shall be read for the Lessons both at Morning and Euening prayer.

And here is to be noted, that whensoeuer there be any proper Psalmes or Lessons appointed for the Sundayes, or for any Feast, moueable or vnmoueable: then the Psalmes and Lessons appointed in the Kalender, shall be omitted for that time.

Ye must note also, that the Collect, Epistle, and Gospel, appointed for the Sunday, shall serue all the weeke after, except there fall some Feast that hath his proper.

When the yeeres of our Lord may be diuided into foure euen parts, which is euery fourth yeere: then the Sunday letter leapeth, and that yeere the Psalmes and Lessons which serue for the xxiij. day of February, shall be read againe the day following, except it be Sunday, which hath proper Lessons of the old Testament, appointed in the Table seruing to that purpose.

Also, wheresoeuer the beginning of any Lesson, Epistle, or Gospel is not expressed, there yee must begin at the beginning of the Chapter.

And wheresoeuer is not expressed how farre shall be read, there shall you reade to the ende of the Chapter.

Item, so oft as the first Chapter of Saint Matthew is read either for Lesson or Gospel, ye shall begin the same at (Now the birth of Iesus Christ was on this wise, &c.) And the third Chapter of S. Luke Gospel, shalbe read vnto, Being as was supposed, the sonne of Ioseph, &c.

Proper Lessons to bee read for the first
Lessons, both at Morning and Euening prayer, on
the Sundayes throughout the yeere, and for some
also the second Lessons.

SVndayes of
The first.
Esa. j.Esa. ij.
Sundayes after
The first.
Sundayes after
the Epiphany
The first.
Septuagesima.Gen. j.Gen. ij.
First Sunday.
Gen. xix.Gen. xxij.
v.Exod. iij.Exod. v.
Easter day.
j. Lesson.
Exod. xij.Exod. xiiii.
ij. Lesson.Rom. vj.Act. ii.
Sundayes after
The first.
Num. xvi.Num. xxii.
iij.Deut. iiii.Deut. v.
Sunday after
Ascension day.
Deut. xii.Deut. xiii.
j. Lesson.
Deut. xvi.Wisedom. i.
ij. Lesson.Acts x.
Then Peter
opened his
mouth, &c.
Acts xix. It fortuned ye
while Apollo was at
Corinth, &c. (vnto) After
these things.
j. Lesson.
Gen. xviii.Ioshua. i.
ij. Lesson.Matt. iii.
Sundayes after
Iosh. x.Iosh. xxiii
ij.Iudg. iiii.Iudg. v.
iij.i.King. ii.i.King. iii.
vj.ii.King. xii.ii.King. xvii
viij.iii.King. xiii.iii.King. xvii
xj.iiii.King. v.iiii.King. ix.
xiiij.Ierem. v.Ierem. xxii.
xvj.Ezech. ii.Ezech. xiiii.
xix.Dan. iii.Daniel. vi.
xx.Ioel ii.Mich. vi.
xxj.Abacuc ii.Prouerb. i
xxij.Prouerb. ii.Prouerb. iii.

Lessons proper for Holy dayes.

S. Andrew.Prouerb. xx.Prou. xxi.
S. Thomas
the Apostle.
Christmas day.
j. Lesson.
Esa. ixEsa. vii.
Moreover ye
Lord spake
once &c.
ij. Lesson.Luke ii. vnto
Good will
toward men.
Titus iii.
The kindnes
& love &c.
S. Steuen.
j. Lesson.
Prou. xxviii.Eccles. iiii.
ij. Lesson.Act. 6.and 7.
And Steven
ful of faith &
power, &c.
(vnto) And
when forty
yeeres, &c.
Acts 7. And
when xl. yeres
were expired
there appeared
unto Moses,
&c. vnto,
But he being
full of the holy
Ghost, &c.
S. Iohn
j. Lesson.
Eccles. v.Eccles. vi.
ij. Lesson.Apoc. i.Apoc. xxii.
Innocents day.Ierem. xxxi.
vnto, I have
surely heard
Wisd. i.
j. Lesson.
Gen. xvii.Deu. x. (vnto)
And now
Israel, &c.
ii. Lesson.Rom. ii.Colos. ii.
i. Lesson.
Esa. xl.Esa. xlix.
ii. Lesson.Luk. 3. (vnto)
Beeing as
was supposed,
the sonne
of Ioseph.
Iohn ii. (vnto)
After this
he went to
Conuersion of
S. Paul.
i. Lesson.
Wisd. v.Wisd. vi.
ii. Lesson.Acts xxii.
(vnto) They
heard him.
Act. xxvi.
Purification of
the virgin Mary
Wisd. ix.Wisd. xii.
S. Matthias.Wisd. xix.Eccles. i.
of our Lady.
Eccles. ii.Eccles. iii.
afore Easter.
Osee xiii.Osee xiiii.
afore Easter.
Dan. ix.Ierem.xxxi.
Good FridayGen. xxii.Esa. liii.
Easter Euen.Zach. ix.Exod. xiii.
Munday in
Easter weeke.
i. Lesson
Exod. xvi.Exod. xvii.
ij. Lesson.Matt. xxviij.Acts. iij.
Tuesday in
Easter weeke.
i. Lesson.
Exod. xx.Exod. xxxij.
ij. Lesson.Luke xxiiij.
(vnto) And
behold two
of them.
i. Corinth. xv.
S. Marke.Eccle. iiii.Eccle. v.
Philip & IacobEccle. vij.Ecle. ix.
Ascension day.Deut. x.iiii. King. ij.
Munday in
i. Lesson.
Gen. xi. (vnto)
These are
the generations
of Shem.
Num. xj
Gather unto
me 70. men, &c.
(vnto) Moses
gate him into
ye camp, &c.
ij. Lesson.i. Cor. xij.
Tuesday in
i. King. xix.
Dauid came
to Samuel
to Rama. &c.
Deut. xxx.
S. Barnabe.
i. Lesson.
Eccle. x.Eccle. xii.
ij.Acts. xiiii.Act. xv. (vnto)
After certain
S. Iohn Baptist.
i. Lesson.
Mala. iii.Mala. 4.
ij. Lesson.Matth. iii.Mat. xiiii.
(vnto) When
Iesus heard
S. Peter.
i. Lesson.
Ecclu. xv.Ecclu. xix.
ij. Lesson.Acts. iij.Acts.iiij.
S. Iames.Ecclus. xxi.Ecclus. xxij.
S. Bartholomew.xxv.xxix.
S. Matthew.Ecclus. xxxv.xxxviij.
S. Michael.xxxix.xliiij.
S. Luke.Ecclus. li.Iob i.
Simon and Iude
i. Lesson.
Iob xxiii. 25.xlij.
All Saints.
i. Lesson.
Wisdome iii.
(vnto) Wherefore
blessed is
the barren.
Wisedome v.
(vnto) he shal
take to &c.
ij. Lesson.Hebr. xi. xij.
Saints by
faith (vnto)
If ye indure
Apocalyp. xix
(vnto) And
I saw an
Angel stand.

Proper Psalmes on certaine dayes.

Christmas day.Psal. xix. xlv. lxxxv. Psal. lxxxix. Cx. Cxxxii.
Easter day.Psal. ii. ivii. Cxi.Psal. Cxiii. Cxiiii. Cxviii.
Ascension day.Psal. viii. xv. xxi.Psal. xxiiii. lxviii. Cviii.
Whitsunday.Psal. xlv. xlvii.Psal. Ciiii. Cxlv.

The table for the order of the Psalmes,
to be said at Morning and Euening prayer.

Dayes of the
Psalmes for Morning
Psalmes for Euening
1.i. ii. ii. iiii. v.vi. vij. viij.
2.ix. x. xi.xij. xiij. xiiij.
3.xv. xvi. xvii.xviij.
4.xix. xx. xxi.xxij. xxiii.
5.xxiiiii. xxv. xxvi.xxvii. xxviiii. xxix.
6.xxx. xxxi.xxxii. xxxiiii. xxxiiii.
7.xxxv. xxxvi.xxxvii.
8.xxxviii. xxxix. xl.xli. xlii. xliii.
9.xliiii. xlv. xlvi.xlvii. xlviii. xlix.
10.l. li. lii.liii. liiii. lv.
11.lvi. lvii. lviii.lix. lx. lxi.
12.lxii. lxiii. lxiiii.lxv. lxvi. lxvii.
13.lxviii.lxix. lxx.
14.lxxi. lxxii.lxxiii. lxxiiii.
15.lxxv. lxxvi. lxxvij.lxxviii.
16.lxxix. lxxx. lxxxi.lxxxii. lxxxiii. lxxxiiii. lxxxxv.
17.lxxxvi. lxxxvii. lxxxviii.lxxxix.
18.xc. xci. xcii.xciii. xciiii.
19.xcv. xcvi. xcvii.xcviii. xcix. c. ci.
20.cii. ciii.ciiii.
22.cvii.cviii. cix.
23.cx. cxi. cxii. cxiij.cxiiii. cxv.
24.cxvi. cxvij. cxviij.cxix. Inde iiii.
25.Inde v.Inde iiii.
26.Inde v.Inde iiii.
27.cxx. cxxi. cxxii. cxxiii.cxxiiii. cxxv.cxxvi. cxxvii. cxxviii. cxxix. cxxx. cxxxi.
28.cxxxij. cxxxiij. cxxxxiiij. cxxxv.cxxxvi. cxxxvii. cxxxviii.
29.cxxxix. cxl. cxl.cxlii. cxliii.
30.cxliiij. cxlv. cxlvi.cxlvii. cxlviij. cxlix. cl.

SEptuagesima before Easter ix weekes.
Sexagesima before Easter viij weekes.
Quinquagesima before Easter vij weekes.

ROgations after Easter v weekes.
Whitsunday after Easter vij weekes.
Trinitie Sunday vijj weekes.

These to be observed for Holy
dayes, and none other.

That is to say: All
Sundayes in the yeere.

The dayes of the feasts
of the Circumcision of our
Lord Jesus Christ.

Of the Epiphanie.
Of the Purification of the blessed Virgin.
Of Saint Matthias the Apostle.
Of the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin.
Of Saint Marke the Evangelist.
Of S. Philip and Iacob the Apostles.
Of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Of the Natiuity of Saint John Baptist.

Of S. Peter the Apostle.
Of S. James the Apostle.
Of S. Bartholomew the Apostle.
Of S. Matthew the Apostle.
Of S. Michael the Archangel.
Of S. Luke the Evangelist.
Of S. Simon & Jude the Apostles.
Of All Saints.
Of S. Andrew the Apostle.
Of S. Thomas the Apostle.
Of the Natiuitie of our Lord.
Of S. Steuen the Martyr.
Of the Holy Innocents.
Munday and Tuesday in Easter weeke.
Munday and Tuesday in Whitsun weeke.