And Beseleel wrought, and Eliab and every one wise in understanding, to whom was given wisdom and knowledge, to understand to do all the works according to the holy offices, according to all things which the Lord appointed. 2And Moses called Beseleel and Eliab, and all that had wisdom to whom God gave knowledge in their heart, and all who were freely willing to come forward to the works, to perform them. 3And they received from Moses all the offerings, which the children of Israel brought for all the works of the sanctuary to do them; and they continued to receive the gifts brought, from those who brought them in the morning. 4And there came all the wise men who wrought the works of


court, curtains of fifteen cubits their pillars three and their sockets three; 14the curtains of the tabernacle of fine linen twined. 15And the sockets of their pillars of brass, and their hooks of silver, and their chapiters overlaid with silver, and all the posts of the court overlaid with silver: 16and the veil of the gate of the court, the work of an embroiderer of blue, and purple, and spun scarlet, and fine linen twined; the length of twenty cubits, and the height and the breadth of five cubits made equal to the curtains of the court; 17and their pillars four, and their sockets four of brass, and their hooks of silver, and their chapiters overlaid with silver: 18And all the pins of the court round about of brass, and they were overlaid with silver. 19And this was the 1 construction of the tabernacle of witness, accordingly as it was appointed to Moses; so that the public service should belong to the Levites, through lthamar the son of Aaron the priest.

20And Beseleel the son of Urias of the tribe of Juda did as the Lord commanded Moses. And Eliab the son of Achisamach of the tribe of Dan was there, who was chief artificer in the woven works and needle works and embroideries, 2 in weaving with the scarlet and fine linen.


And Beseleel made the ark, 2and overlaid it with pure gold within and without; 3and he cast for it four golden rings, two on the one side, and two on the other, 4wide enough for the staves, so that men should bear 3 the ark with them. 5And he made the propitiatory over the ark of pure gold, 6and the two cherubs of gold; 7one cherub on the one end of the propitiatory, and another cherub on the other end of the propitiatory, 8overshadowing the propitiatory with their wings. 9And he made the 4 set table of pure gold, and 10cast for it four rings: two on the one side and two on the other side, broad, so that men should lift it with the staves in them. 5 11And he made the staves of the ark and of the table, and gilded them with gold. 12And he made the furniture of the table, both the dishes, and the censers, and the cups, and the bowls with which he 6 should offer drink-offerings, of gold. 13And he made the candlestick which gives light, of gold; 14the stem solid, and the branches from both its sides; 15and blossoms proceeding from its branches, three on this side, and three on the other, made equal to each other. 16And as to their lamps, which are on the ends, 7 knops proceeded from them; and sockets proceeding from them that the lamps might be upon them; and the seventh socket, on the top of the candlestick on the summit above entirely of solid gold. 17And on the 8candlestick seven golden lamps and its snuffers gold, and its 9 funnels gold. 18 He overlaid the posts with silver, and cast for 10 each post golden rings and gilded the bars with gold ; and he gilded the posts of the veil with gold, and made the hooks of gold. 19He made also the rings of the tabernacle of gold; and the rings of


it, in front by the coupling above the connection of the ephod. 29And he fastened oracle by the rings that were on it to the rings of the ephod, which were fastened with a string of blue, joined together with the woven work of the ephod; that the oracle should not be loosed from the ephod, as the Lord commanded Moses. 30And they made the tunic under the ephod; woven work, all of blue. 31And the opening of the tunic in the midst woven closely together, the opening having a fringe round about, that it might not be rent. 32And they made on the border of the tunic below pomegranates as of a flowering pomegranate tree, of blue, and purple and spun scarlet, and fine linen twined. 33And they made golden bells, and put the bells on the border of the tunic round about between the pomegranates: 34a golden bell and a pomegranate on the border of the tunic round about, for the ministration as the Lord commanded Moses. 35And they made vestments of fine linen a woven work, for Aaron and his sons, 36and the tires of fine linen, and the mitre of fine linen, and the drawers of fine linen twined; 37and their girdles of fine linen, and blue, and purple, an scarlet spun, the work of an embroiderer according as the Lord commanded Moses. 38And they made the golden plate, a dedicated thing of the sanctuary, of pure gold; 39and he wrote upon it graven letters as of a seal, Holiness to the Lord. 40And they put it on the border of blue, so that it should be on the mitre above, as the Lord commanded Moses.

1 Or, appointment.

2 Gr. to weave.

3 Gr. it.

4 i.e. table of shewbread.

5 i.e. the rings.

6 Gr. will.

7 Gr. knops like walnuts.

8 Gr. it.

9 Or, snuff-dishes: but the word seems to mean the instruments with which oil was poured into the lamp.

10 Gr. the post.


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