And the Lord said to Moses, Go forward, go up hence, thou and thy people whom thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt, into the land which I swore to Abraam, and Isaac, and Jacob saying, I will give it to your seed. 2And I will send at the same time my angel before thy face, and he shall cast out the Amarite and the Chettite, and the Pherezite and Gergesite, and Evite and Jebusite, and Chananite. 3And I will bring thee into a land flowing with milk and honey; for I will not go up with thee, because thou art a stiff-necked people, lest I consume thee by the way. 4And the people having heard this 1 grievous saying, mourned in mourning apparel. 5For the Lord said to the children of Israel Ye are a stiff-necked people; take heed lest I bring on you another plague and destroy you: now then put off your glorious apparel, and your ornaments, and I will shew thee what l will do to thee. 6So the sons of Israel took off their ornaments and their array 2 at the mount of Choreb. 7And Moses took his tabernacle and pitched it without the camp, at a distance from the camp; and it was called the Tabernacle of Testimony: and it came to pass that every one that sought the Lord went forth to the tabernacle which was without the camp. 8And whenever Moses went into the tabernacle without the camp, all the people stood every one watching by the doors of his tent; and when, Moses departed, they took notice until be entered into the tabernacle. 9And when Moses entered into the tabernacle, the pillar of the cloud descended; and stood at the door of the tabernacle, and God talked to Moses. 10And all the people saw the pillar of the cloud standing by the door of the tabernacle, and all the people stood and worshipped every one 3 at the door of his tent. 11And the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as if one should speak to his friend; and he


and forty nights; he did not eat bread, and he did not drink water; and he wrote upon the tables these words of the covenant, the ten sayings.

29And when Moses went down from the mountains 4 there were the two tables in the hands of Moses, —as then he went down from the mountain Moses knew not that the appearance of the skin of his face was gloried, when 5 God spoke to him. 30And Aaron and all the elders of Israel saw Moses and the appearance of the skin of his face was made glorious and they feared to approach him. 31And Moses called them and Aaron and all the rulers of the synagogue turned towards him, and Moses spoke to them.

32And afterwards all the children of Israel came to him, and he commanded them all things, whatsoever the Lord had commanded him in the mount of Sina. 33And when he ceased speaking to them, he put a veil on his face. 34And whenever Moses went in before the Lord to speak to him, he took off the veil till he went out, and he went forth and spoke to all the children of Israel whatsoever the Lord commanded him. 35And the children of Israel saw the face of Moses, that it was glorified; and Moses put the veil over his face, till he went in to speak with him.

1 Gr. evil.

2 Gr. from.

3 Gr. from.

4 Gr. and.

5 Gr. he.


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