Psalm 75

For the end, Destroy not, a Psalm of a Song for Asaph.

1 We will give thanks to thee, O God, we will give thanks, and call upon thy name: I will declare all thy wonderful works. 2 When I shall take a set time, I will judge righteously. 3 The earth is dissolved, and all that dwell in it: I have strengthened its pillars. Pause.

4 I said unto the transgressors, Do not transgress; and to the sinners, Lift not up the horn. 5 Lift not up your horn on high; speak not unrighteousness against God. 6 For good comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the desert mountains. 7 For God is the judge; he puts down one, and raises up another. 8 For there is a cup in the hand of the Lord, full of unmingled wine; and he has 1turned it from side to side, but its dregs have not been wholly poured out; all the sinners of the earth shall drink them.

9 But I will exult for ever: I will sing praises to the God of Jacob. 10 And I will break all the horns of sinners; but the horns of the righteous one shall be exalted.


Psalm 76

For the end, among the Hymns, a Psalm for Asaph; a Song for the Assyrian.

1 God is known in Judea: his name is great in Israel. 2 And his place has been in 2peace, and his dwelling-place in Sion. 3 There he broke the power of the bows, the shield, and the sword, and the battle. Pause.

4 Thou dost wonderfully shine forth from the everlasting mountains. 5 All the simple ones in heart were troubled; all the men of wealth have slept their sleep, and have found nothing in their hands. 6 At thy rebuke, O God of Jacob, the riders on horses slumbered. 7 Thou art terrible; and who shall withstand thee, because of thine anger? 8 Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; the earth feared, and was still, 9 when God arose to judgment, to save all the meek in heart. Pause.

10 For the inward thought of man shall give thanks to thee: and the memorial of his inward thought shall keep a feast to thee. 11 Vow, and pay your vows to the Lord our God; all that are round about him shall bring gifts, even to him that is terrible, 12 and that takes away the spirits of princes; to him that is terrible among the kings of the earth.

1 Gr. from this into that.

2 Or, Salem, see the Hebrew.


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