Psalm 64

For the end, a Psalm of David.

1 Hear my prayer, O God, when I make my petition to thee; deliver my soul from fear of the enemy. 2 Thou hast sheltered me from the conspiracy of them that do wickedly; from the multitude of them that work iniquity; 3 who have sharpened their tongues as a sword; they have bent their bow maliciously; 4 to shoot in secret at the blameless; they will shoot him suddenly, and will not fear. 5 They have set up for themselves an evil matter, they have given counsel to hide snares; they have said, Who shall see them? 6 They have searched out iniquity; they have wearied themselves with searching diligently, a man shall approach and the heart is deep, 7 and God shall be exalted, their wounds were caused by the weapon of the foolish children, 8 and their tongues have set him at nought, all that saw them were troubled; 9 and every man was alarmed, and they related the works of God, and understood his deeds. 10 The righteous shall rejoice in the Lord, and hope on him, and all the upright in heart shall be praised.

Psalm 65

For the end, a Psalm and Song of David.

1 Praise becomes thee, O God, in Sion; and to thee shall the vow be performed. 2 Hear my prayer; to thee all flesh shall come. 3 The words of transgressors have overpowered us; but do thou pardon our sins. 4 Blessed is he whom thou hast chosen and adopted; he shall dwell in thy courts; we shall be filled with the good things of thy house; thy temple is holy. 5 Thou art wonderful in righteousness. Hearken to us, O God our Saviour; the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are on the sea afar off: 6 who dost 1establish the


mountains in thy strength, being girded about with power; 7 who troublest the depth of the sea, the sounds of its waves. 8 The nations shall be troubled, and they that inhabit the ends of the earth shall be afraid of thy signs; thou wilt cause the outgoings of morning and evening to rejoice.

9 Thou hast visited the earth, and saturated it; thou hast abundantly enriched it. The river of God is filled with water; thou hast prepared their food, for thus is the preparation of it. 10 Saturate her furrows, multiply her fruits; the crop springing up shall rejoice in its drops. 11 Thou wilt bless the crown of the year because of thy goodness; and thy plains shall be filled with fatness. 12 The mountains of the wilderness shall be enriched; and the hills shall gird themselves with joy. 13 The rams of the flock are clothed with wool, and the valleys shall abound in corn; they shall cry aloud, yea they shall sing hymns.

1 Gr. prepare.


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