Psalm 56

For the end, concerning the people that were removed from the 1sanctuary, by David for a memorial, when the Philistines caught him in Geth.

1 Have mercy upon me, O God; for man has trodden me down; all the day long he warring has afflicted me. 2 Mine enemies have trodden me down all the day from the dawning of the day; for there are many warring against me.

3 They shall be afraid, but I will trust in thee. 4 In God I will praise my words; all the day have I hoped in God; I will not fear what flesh shall do to me.

5 All the day long they have abominated my words; all their devices are against me for evil. 6 They will dwell near and hide themselves; they will watch my steps, accordingly as I have waited patiently in my soul. 7 Thou wilt on no account save them; thou wilt bring down the people in wrath. 8 O God, I have declared my life to thee; thou has set my tears before thee, even according to thy promise.

9 Mine enemies shall be turned back, in the day wherein I shall call upon thee; behold, I know that thou art my God. 10 In God, will I praise his word; in the Lord will I praise his saying. 11 I have hoped in God; I will not be afraid of what man shall do to me. 12 The vows of thy praise,


O God, which I will pay, are upon me. 13 For thou hast delivered my soul from death, and my feet from sliding, that I should be well-pleasing before God in the land of the living.

Psalm 57

For the end. Destroy not: by David, for a memorial, when he fled from the presence of Saul to the cave.

1 Have mercy, upon me, O God, have mercy upon me: for my soul has trusted in thee: and in the shadow of thy wings will I hope, until the iniquity have passed away. 2 I will cry to God most high; the God who has benefited me. Pause. 3 He sent from heaven and saved me; he gave to reproach them that trampled on me: God has sent forth his mercy and his truth; 4 and he has delivered my soul from the midst of lions'whelps: I lay down to sleep, though troubled. As for the sons of men, their teeth are arms and missile weapons, and their tongue a sharp sword.

5 Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens; and thy glory above all the earth. 6 They have prepared snares for my feet, and have bowed down my soul: they have dug a pit before my face, and fallen into it themselves. Pause. 7 My heart, O God, is ready, my heart is ready: I will sing, yea will sing psalms. 8 Awake, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I will awake early. 9 O Lord, I will give thanks to thee among the nations: I will sing to thee among the Gentiles. 10 For thy mercy has been magnified even to the heavens, and thy truth to the clouds. 11 Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens; and thy glory above all the earth.

1 Or, holy things.


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