Chapter 35

1 And Elius resumed and said,

2 What is this that thou thinkest to be according to right? who art thou that thou hast said, I am righteous before the Lord?13 I will answer thee, and thy three friends. 4 Look up to the sky and see; and consider the clouds, how high they are above thee. 5 If thou hast sinned, what wilt thou do? 6 and if too thou hast transgressed much, what canst thou perform? 7 And suppose thou art righteous, what wilt thou give him? or what shall he receive of thy hand? 8 Thy ungodliness may affect a man who is like to thee; or thy righteousness a son of man. 9 They that are 2oppressed of a multitude will be ready to cry out; they will call for help because of the arm of many. 10 But none said, Where is God that made me, who appoints the night-watches; 11 who makes me to differ from the four-footed beasts of the earth, and from the birds of the sky? 12 There they shall cry, and none shall hearken, even because of the insolence of wicked men.

13 For the Lord desires not to look on 3error, for he is the Almighty One. 14 He 4beholds them that perform lawless deeds, and he will save me: and do thou plead before him, if thou canst praise him, as it is possible even now. 15 For 5he is not now regarding his wrath, nor has he noticed severely any trespass. 16 Yet Job vainly opens his mouth, in ignorance he 6multiplies words.

Chapter 36

1 And Elius further continued, and said,

2 Wait for me yet a little while, that I may


teach thee: for there is yet speech in me.

3 Having fetched my knowledge from afar, and according to my works, 4 I will speak just things truly, and thou shalt not unjustly receive unjust words.

5 But know that the Lord will not cast off an innocent man: being mighty in strength of 7wisdom, 6 he will not by any means 8save alive the ungodly: and he will grant the judgment of the poor. 7 He will not turn away his eyes from the righteous, but they shall be with kings on the throne: and he will 9establish them 10in triumph, and they shall be exalted. 8 But they that are bound in fetters shall be holden in cords of poverty. 9 And he shall recount to them their works, and their transgressions, 11for such will act with violence. 10 But he will hearken to the righteous: and he has said that they shall turn from unrighteousness. 11 If they should hear and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in honour. 12 But he preserves not the ungodly; because they are not willing to know the Lord, and because when reproved they were disobedient.

13 And the hypocrites in heart will array wrath against themselves; they will not cry, because he has bound them. 14 Therefore let their soul die in youth, and their life be wounded by messengers of death. 15 Because they afflicted the weak and helpless: and he will vindicate the judgment of the meek. 16 And he has also enticed thee out of the mouth of the enemy: 17 there is a deep gulf and a 12rushing stream beneath it, and thy table came down full of fatness. Judgment shall not fail from the righteous; 18 but there shall be wrath upon the ungodly, by reason of the ungodliness of the bribes which they received for iniquities.

19 Let not thy mind willingly turn thee aside from the petition of the feeble that are in distress. 20 And draw not forth all the mighty men by night, so that the people should go up instead of them. 21 But take heed lest thou do that which is wrong: for of this thou has made choice because of poverty.

22 Behold, the Mighty One shall prevail by his strength: for who is powerful as he is? 23 And who is he that examines his works? or who can say, he has wrought injustice? 24 Remember that his works are great beyond those which men have 13attempted. 25 Every man has seen in himself, how many mortals are wounded. 26 Behold, the Mighty One is 14great, and we shall not know him: the number of his years is even infinite. 27 And the drops of rain are numbered by him, and shall be poured out in rain to form a cloud. 28 The 15ancient heavens shall flow, and the clouds overshadow innumerable mortals: he has fixed a time to cattle, and they know the order of rest. Yet by all these things thy understanding is not astonished, neither is thy mind 16disturbed in thy body. 29 And though one should understand the 17outspreadings of the clouds, or the measure of his tabernacle; 30 behold he will stretch his 18bow against him, and he covers the bottom of the sea. 31 For by them he will judge the nations: he will give food to him that has strength. 32 He has hidden the light in his hands, and given charge


concerning it to the interposing cloud. 33 The Lord will declare concerning this to his friend: but there is a portion also for unrighteousness.

1 Alex. + 'What shall I say? what shall I do, having sinned?'

2 That is, by false accusation.

3 Lit. improprieties.

4 Gr. is the beholder of.

5 i.e. God.

6 Gr. makes heavy.

7 Gr. heart.

8 Gr. quicken, or, bring to life.

9 Gr. seat.

10 Gr. for victory.

11 Alex. whenever they set.

12 Gr. pouring down.

13 Lit. ruled over.

14 Gr. numerous.

15 Gr. antiquities.

16 Gr. changed from.

17 Alex. ἐπέκτασιν.

18 Alex. ἐπ᾽ αὐτὴν τὸ τόξον, bow over it, sc. tabernacle.


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