Chapter 12

1 And Job answered and said,

2 So then ye alone are men, and wisdom shall die with you? 3 But I also have a heart as well as you. 4 For a righteous and blameless man has become a subject for mockery. 5 For it had been ordained that he should fall under others 1at the appointed time, and that his houses should be spoiled by transgressors: let not however any one trust that, being evil, he shall be held guiltless, 6 even as many as provoke the Lord, as if there were indeed to be no inquisition made of them.

7 But ask now the beasts, if they may speak to thee; and the birds of the air, if they may declare to thee. 8 Tell the earth, if it may speak to thee: and the fishes of the sea shall explain to thee. 9 Who then has not known in all these things, that the hand of the Lord has made them? 10 Whereas the life of all living things is in his hand, and the breath of every man.

11 For the ear tries words, and the 2palate tastes meats. 12 In length of time is wisdom, and in long life knowledge. 13 With him are wisdom and power, with him counsel and understanding. 14 If he should cast down, who will build up? if he should shut up against man, who shall open? 15 If he should withhold the water, he will dry the earth: and if he should let it loose, he overthrows and destroys it. 16 With him are strength and power: he has knowledge and understanding. 17 He leads counsellors away captive, and maddens the judges of the earth. 18 He seats kings upon thrones, and girds their loins with a girdle. 19 He sends away priests into captivity, and overthrows the mighty ones of the earth. 20 He changes the lips of the trusty, and he knows the understanding of the elders. 21 He pours dishonour upon princes, and heals the lowly. 22 Revealing deep things out of darkness: and he has brought into light the shadow of death. 23 Causing the nations to wander, and destroying them: overthrowing the nations, and leading them away. 24 Perplexing the minds of the princes of the earth: and he causes them to wander in a way, they have not known, saying, 25 Let them grope in darkness, and let there be no light, and let them wander as a drunken man.

Chapter 13

1 Behold, mine eye has seen these things, and mine ear has heard them. 2 And I know all that ye too know; and I have not less understanding than you.

3 Nevertheless I will speak to the Lord, and I will reason before him, if he will. 4 But ye are all bad physicians, and healers of diseases. 5 But would that ye were silent, and it would be wisdom to you in the end.

6 But hear ye the reasoning of my mouth, and attend to the judgment of my lips. 7 Do ye not speak before the Lord, and utter deceit before him? 8 Or will ye draw back? nay do, ye yourselves be judges. 9 For it were well if he would thoroughly search you: for though doing all things in your power ye should attach


yourselves to him, 10 he will not reprove you at all the less: but if moreover ye should secretly respect persons, 11 shall not his whirlpool sweep you round, and terror from him fall upon you? 12 And your glorying shall prove in the end to you like ashes, and your body like a body of clay.

13 Be silent, that I may speak, and cease from mine anger, 14 3while I may take my flesh in my teeth, and put my life in my hand. 15 Though the Mighty One should lay hand upon me, forasmuch as he has begun, verily I will speak, and plead before him. 16 And this shall turn to me for salvation; for fraud shall have no entrance before him. 17 Hear, hear ye my words, for I will declare in your hearing. 18 Behold, I am near my judgment: I know that I shall appear evidently just. 19 For who is he that shall plead with me, that I should now be silent, and 4expire?

20 But grant me two things: then I will not hide myself from thy face. 21 Withhold thine hand from me: and let not thy fear terrify me. 22 Then shalt thou call, and I will hearken to thee: or thou shalt speak, and I will give thee an answer. 23 How many are my sins and my transgressions? teach me what they are.

24 Wherefore hidest thou thyself from me, and deemest me thine enemy? 25 Wilt thou be startled at me, as at a leaf shaken by the wind? or wilt thou set thyself against me as against grass borne upon the breeze? 26 for thou hast written evil things against me, and thou hast compassed me with the sins of my youth. 27 And thou hast placed my foot in the stocks; and thou hast watched all my works, and hast penetrated my heels. 28 I am as that which waxes old like a 5bottle, or like a moth-eaten garment.

1 Or, for.

2 Gr. throat.

3 Gr. having taken.

4 Gr. faint, etc.

5 Or, bladder.


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