Chapter 9

1 And this is all Israel, even their enrolment: and these are written down in the book of the kings of Israel and Juda, with the names of them that were carried away to Babylon 1for their transgressions. 2 And they that dwelt before in their possessions in the cities of Israel, the priests, the Levites, and the 2appointed ones.

3 And there dwelt in Jerusalem some of the children of Juda, and of the children of Benjamin, and of the children of Ephraim, and Manasse. 4 And Gnothi, and the son of Samiud, the son of Amri, the son of Ambraim, the son of Buni, son of the sons of Phares, the son of Juda. 5 And of the Selonites; Asaia his first-born, and his sons. 6 Of the sons of Zara; Jeel, and their brethren, six hundred and ninety.

7 And of the sons of Benjamin; Salom, son of Mosollam, son of Odouia, son of Asinu. 8 And Jemnaa son of Jeroboam, and Elo: these are the sons of Ozi the son of Machir: and Mosollam, son of Saphatia, son of Raguel, son of Jemnai; 9 and their brethren according to their generations, nine hundred and fifty-six, all the men were heads of families according to the houses 3of their fathers.

10 And of the priests; Jodaë, and Joarim, and Jachin, 11 and Azaria the son of Chelcias, the son of Mosollam, the son of Sadoc, the son of Maraioth, the son of Achitob, the ruler of the house of God; 12 and Adaia son of Iraam, son of Phascor, son of Melchia, and Maasaia son of Adiel, son of Ezira, son of Mosollam, son of Maselmoth, son of Emmer; 13 and their brethren, chiefs of their families, a thousand seven hundred and sixty, mighty men for the work of the ministration of the house of God.

14 And of the Levites; Samaia son of Asob, son of Ezricam, son of Asabia, of the sons of Merari. 15 And Bacbacar, and Ares, and Galaal, and Matthanias son of Micha, son of Zechri, son of Asaph; 16 and Abdia, son of Samia, son of Galaal, son of Idithun, and Barachia son of Ossa, son of Helcana--who dwelt in the villages of the Notephatites. 17 The door-keepers; Salom, Acum, Telmon, and Diman, and their brethren; Salom was the chief; 18 and he waited hitherto in the king's gate eastward: these are the gates of the companies of the sons of Levi. 19 And Sellum the son of Core, the son of Abiasaph, the son of Core, and his brethren belonging to the house of his father, the Corites were over the works of the service, keeping the


watches of the tabernacle, and their fathers over the camp of the Lord, keeping the entrance.

20 And Phinees son of Eleazar was head over them before the Lord, and these were with him. 21 Zacharias the son of Mosollami was keeper of the door of the tabernacle of witness. 22 All the chosen 4porters in the gates were two hundred and twelve, these were in their courts, this was their 5distribution: these David and Samuel the seer established in their 6charge. 23 And these and their sons were over the gates in the house of the Lord, and in the house of the tabernacle, to keep watch. 24 The gates were toward the four winds, eastward, 7westward, northward, southward. 25 And their brethren were in their courts, to enter in 8weekly from time to time with these. 26 For four strong men have the charge of the gates; and the Levites were over the chambers, and they 9keep watch over the treasures of the house of God. 27 For the charge was upon them, and these were 10charged with the keys to open the doors of the temple every morning.

28 And some of them were appointed over the vessels of service, that they 11should carry them in 12by number, and carry them out by number. 29 And some of them were appointed over the furniture, and over all the holy vessels, and over the fine flour, the wine, the oil, the frankincense, and the spices. 30 And some of the priests were 13makers of the ointment, and appointed to prepare the spices. 31 And Matthathias of the Levites, (he was the first-born of Salom the Corite,)was set in charge over the 14sacrifices of meat-offering of the pan belonging to the high priest. 32 And Banaias the Caathite, from among their brethren, was set over the shewbread, to prepare it every sabbath. 33 And these were the singers, heads of families of the Levites, to whom were established daily courses, for 15they were employed in the services day and night. 34 These were the heads of the families of the Levites according to their generations; these chiefs dwelt in Jerusalem.

35 And Jeël the father of Gabaon dwelt in Gabaon; and his wife's name was Moöcha. 36 And his first-born son was Abdon, and he had Sur, and Kis, and Baal, and Ner, and Nadab, 37 and Gedur and his brother, and Zacchur, and Makeloth. 38 And Makeloth begot Samaa: and these dwelt in the midst of their brethren in Jerusalem, even in the midst of their brethren.

39 And Ner begot Kis, and Kis begot Saul, and Saul begot Jonathan, and Melchisue, and Aminadab, and Asabal. 40 And the son of Jonathan was Meribaal: and Meribaal begot Micha. 41 And the sons of Micha were Phithon and Malach, and Tharach. 42 And Achaz begot Jada: and Jada begot Galemeth, and Gazmoth, and Zambri; and Zambri begot Massa. 43 And Massa begot Baana, and Rhaphaia was his son, Elasa his son, Esel his son. 44 And Esel had six sons, and these were their names; Esricam his


first-born, and Ismael, and Saraia, and Abdia, and Anan, and Asa: these were the sons of Esel.

1 Gr. in.

2 Heb. הנתינים Nethinim.

3 Gr. of their families.

4 Gr. men over the gate.

5 Or, reckoning.

6 Gr. faith or trust.

7 Gr. seaward.

8 Gr. every seven days.

9 Gr. encamp.

10 Gr. over the keys.

11 Gr. shall carry.

12 Gr. in number.

13 Gr. apothecaries of perfume, etc.

14 Gr. works of the sacrifices, etc.

15 Lit. day and night were appointed to them in their works.


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