CCEL Usage Hints


To print a large section of a book, it is often easiest to download the PDF version. These are formatted to print nicely on 8.5x11 paper.

You can scroll a page with the up and down arrow keys. You may move between sections using the left and right arrow keys, though you may disable this in your preferences. Click on an entry in the Table of Contents to expand it.

Annotations and Highlighting

To store notes and highlight text, be sure you are logged in. Then just highlight the text and click on the appropriate highlighter or note icon. You may later view a listing of your annotations.

Researching a term

Try a definition search by clicking Definitions under the Search tab. This option searches for definitions of a term in several CCEL dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Researching a Bible Passage

Please see Researching a Bible Passage at the CCEL.

Setting preferences

Would you like to see Bible passages in a favorite translation? Would you rather turn the footnotes off, so that you see them only when you click on the footnote number? If you are logged in, you can set user preferences by clicking My Account (upper right), clicking the Edit tab, and selecting the "CCEL Preferences" tab.