"We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer, Creator"
                                by unknown
                   Translated by Julia B. Cady Cory, 1882-
                                 Text From:
             (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942)p.404

        1. We praise Thee, O God, our Redeemer, Creator,
        In grateful devotion our tribute we bring;
        We lay it before Thee, We kneel and adore Thee,
        We bless Thy holy name, glad praises we sing.

        2. We worship Thee, God of our fathers, we bless Thee;
        Through life's storm and tempest our Guide hast Thou been;
        When perils o'ertake us, Escape Thou wilt make us,
        And with Thy help, O Lord, our battles we win.

        3. With voices united our praises we offer,
        To Thee, great Jehovah, glad anthems we raise.
        Thy strong arm will guide us, Our God is beside us,
        To Thee, our great Redeemer, fore'er be praise.

Notes: Hymn #568 from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Ps. 26: 12 Author: unknown, 1626 Translated by: Julia B. Cady Cory, 1882 Titled: "Wilt heden nu treden" Tune: "Kremser" 1st Published in: "Nederlandtsch Gedenckclanck" Town: Haarlem, 1626
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