"Come, Thou Bright and Morning Star"
               by Christian K. von Rosenroth, 1636-1689  
               Translated by Richard Massie, 1800-1887
                              Text From:
          (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942)p.381

        1. Come, Thou Bright and Morning Star,
        Light of light, without beginning!
        Shine upon us from afar
        That we may be kept from sinning.
        Drive away by Thy clear light
        Our dark night.

        2. Let Thy grace, like morning dew
        Falling soft on barren places,
        Comfort, quicken, and renew
        Our dry souls and dying graces;
        Bless Thy flock from Thy rich store

        3. May Thy fervent love destroy
        Our cold works, in us awaking
        Ardent zeal and holy joy
        At the purple morn's first breaking.
        Let us truly rise ere yet
        Life has set.

        4. Ah! thou Dayspring from on high,
        Grant that at Thy next appearing
        We who in the graves do lie
        May arise, Thy summons hearing,
        And rejoice in our new life,
        Far from strife.

        5. Light us to those heavenly spheres,
        Sun of grace, in glory shrouded;
        Lead us through this vale of tears
        To the land where days unclouded,
        Purest joy, and perfect peace
        Never cease.
Notes: Hymn #539 from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Ps. 88: 13 Author: Christian K. von Rosenroth, 1684, cento Translated by: Richard Massie, 1857 Titled: "Morgenglanz der Ewigkeit" Tune: "Morgenglanz der Ewigkeit" 1st Published in: _Geistreiches Gesangbuch_ Town: Halle, 1704
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