"Thy Ways, 0 Lord, with Wise Design"
                          by Ambrose Serle, 1742-1812
                                  Text From:
             (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p. 530

	1. Thy ways, 0 Lord, with wise design
	Are framed upon Thy throne above,
	And every dark and bending line
	Meets in the center of Thy love.
	2. With feeble light and half obscure
	Poor mortals Thine arrangements view,
	Not knowing that the least are sure
	And the mysterious just and true.
	3. Thy flock, Thine own peculiar care,
	Though now they seem to roam uneyed,
	Are led or driven only where
	They best and safest may abide.
	4. They neither know nor trace the way;
	But whilst they trust Thy guardian eye,
	Their feet shall ne'er to ruin stray,
	Nor shall the weakest fail or die.
	5. My favored soul shall meekly learn
	To lay her reason at Thy throne;
	Too weak Thy secrets to discern,
	I'll trust Thee for my Guide alone.

Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Hymn #530 from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: I Cor. 13:12 Author: Ambrose Serle, 1786 Composer: Jeremiah Clarke, 1707 Tune: "St. Luke"
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