"Lord Jesus, Who art Come"
                       by Eberhard L. Fischer, 1695-1773
                                  Text From:
             (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p. 340

	1. Lord Jesus, who art come
	A Teacher sent from heaven
	And by both word and deed
	God's truth to us hast given,
	Thou wisely hast ordained
	The holy ministry
	That we, Thy flock, may know
	The way to God through thee.
	2. Thou hast, O Lord, returned,
	To God's right hand ascending;
	Yet Thou art in the world,
	Thy kingdom here extending.
	Through preaching of Thy Word
	In every land and clime
	Thy people's faith is kept
	Until the end of time.
	3. O blessed ministry
	Of reconciliation,
	That shows the way to God
	And brings to us salvation!
	By Thine evangel pure,
	Lord, Thou preserv'st Thy fold,
	Doest call, enlighten, keep,
	Dost comfort and uphold.
	4. Preserve this ministry 
	While harvest-days are keeping;
	And since the fields are white
	And hands are few for reaping,
	Send workers forth, O Lord,
	The sheaves to gather in
	That not a soul be lost
	Which Thou art come to win.
	5. The servants Thou hast called
	And to Thy Church art giving
	Preserve in doctrine pure
	And holiness of living.
	Thy Spirit fill their hearts,
	Endue their tongues with power;
	What they should boldly speak,
	Oh, give them in that hour!
	6. Yea, bless Thy Word alway,
	Our souls forever feeding;
	And may we never lack
	A faithful shepherd's leading!
	Seek Thou the wandering sheep,
	Bind up the sore opprest,
	Lift up the fallen ones,
	And grant the weary rest.
	7. Bring those into Thy fold
	Who still to Thee are strangers;
	Guard those who are within 
	Against offense and dangers.
	Press onward with Thy Word
	Till pastor and his fold
	Through faith in Thee, O Christ,
	Thy glory shall behold.

Text from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_ Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Hymn #485 Text: 1 Cor. 4:1 Author: Eberhard L. Fischer, 1741, ab. Translated by: composite Titled: "Herr Jesu, der du selbst" Tune: "O Gott, du frommer Gott" 1st Published in: _Neuvermehrtes Gesangbuch_ Town: Meiningen, 1693
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