"Lord Jesus, Thou the Church's Head"
                         by Johann Mentzer, 1658-1734
                   Translated by William J. Schaefer, 1891-
                                  Text From:
           (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) pp. 335-336

	1. Lord Jesus, Thou the Church's Head,
	Thou art her one Foundation;
	In Thee she trusts, before Thee bows,
	And waits for Thy salvation.
	Built on this Rock secure,
	Thy Church shall endure
	E'en though the world decay
	And all things pass away.
	Oh, hear, oh, hear us, Jesus!
	2. O Lord, let this Thy little flock,
	Thy name alone confessing,
	Continue in Thy loving care,
	True unity possessing.
	Thy Sacraments, O Lord,
	And Thy saving Word
	To us e'er pure retain.
	Grant that they may remain
	Our only strength and comfort.
	3. Help us to serve Thee evermore
	With hearts both pure and lowly;
	And my Thy Word, that light divine,
	Shine on in splendor holy
	That we repentance show,
	In faith ever grow;
	The power of sin destroy
	And all that doth annoy.
	Oh, make us faithful Christians!
	4. And for Thy Gospel let us dare
	To sacrifice all treasure;
	Teach us to bear Thy blessed cross,
	To find in Thee all pleasure.
	Oh, grant us steadfastness
	In joy and distress,
	That we Thee ne'er forsake.
	Let us by grace partake
	O endless joy and glory.
Text from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_ Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Hymn #477 Text: Col. 2:10 Author: Johann Mentzer, 1726, cento Translated by: William J. Schaefer, 1938 Titled: "O Jesu, einig wahres Haupt" Composer: Fritz Reuter, 1916 Tune: "Reuter"
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