"Lord Jesus Christ, My Savior Blest"
                        by Hans C. Sthen, 16th Century
                  Translated by Harriet R. Spaeth, 1845-1925
                                  Text From:
                 (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942)

	1. Lord Jesus Christ, 
	My Savior blest,
	My Hope and my Salvation!
	I trust in Thee;
	Deliver me
	From misery;
	Thy Word's my consolation.
	2. As Thou dost will,
	Lead Thou me still
	That I may truly serve Thee,
	My God, I pray,
	Teach me Thy way,
	To my last day
	In Thy true faith preserve me.
	3. Most heartily
	I trust in Thee;
	Thy mercy fails me never.
	Dear Lord, abide;
	My Helper tried,
	Thou Crucified,
	From evil keep me ever.
	4. Now henceforth must
	I put my trust
	In Thee, O dearest Savior.
	Thy comfort choice,
	Thy word and voice,
	My heart rejoice
	Despite my ill behavior.
	5. When sorrows rise,
	My refuge lies
	In Thy compassion tender.
	Within Thine arm
	Can naught alarm;
	Keep me from harm,
	Be Thou my strong Defender.
	6. I have Thy Word,
	Christ Jesus, Lord;
	Thou never wilt forsake me.
	This will I plead
	In time of need.
	Oh, help me speed
	When troubles overtake me!
	7. Grant, Lord, I pray,
	Thy grace each day
	That I, Thy Law revering,
	May live with Thee
	And happy be
	Before Thy throne appearing.

Notes: Hymn #353 from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Ps. 119:170 Author: Hans C. Sthen, c. 1578 Translated by: Harriet R. Spaeth, 1898 Titled: "Herre Jesu Krist! Min Freiser du est" Composer: Ludvig M. Lindeman, 1971 Tune: "Herre Jesu Krist"
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