"Our Lord and God, Oh, Bless This Day"

                    by Johan N. Brun, 1745-1816

    Translated by George A.T. Rygh, 1860-1942, vs. 1, 4

                                  Text From:

                       THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL

        (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

        1. Our Lord and God, oh, bless this day

        And hear us, we implore Thee;

        None of Thy children turn away

        Who now appear before Thee.

        We come before Thy face

        And pray: Let Thy rich grace

        Descend from heaven above

        In all Thy wondrous love

        And keep us by Thy Spirit.

        2. Oh, bless Thy Word to all the young;

        Let them, Thy truth possessing,

        Bear witness true with heart and tongue,

        Their faith and ours confessing.

        From mother's arms Thy grace

        With love did them embrace;

        Baptized into Thy name,

        As Thine Thou didst them claim.

        O Lord, as Thine now own them!

        3. When they their vows today renew,

        Accept them with Thy favor;

        And when they promise to be true,

        May they forget it never!

        But they are weak and frail

        When Satan's hosts assail;

        Oh, arm them with Thy might

        And grant that in the fight

        They unto death be faithful!

        4. And when they leave their childhood home,

        When Satan comes alluring,

        May their baptismal grace become

        A refuge reassuring!

        Blest he who then can say:

        "God's covenant stands for aye."

        He ne'er shall be undone

        Who trusts in God alone--

        God is his mighty Father!

Notes: Hymn #337 from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Is. 54: 10 Author: Johan N. Brun, 1786 Translated by: George A.T. Rygh, 1909; vs. 1, 4 Translated by: Carl Doeving, 1909; vs. 2,3 Titled: "Lad denne Dag, o Herre Gud" Composer: Fritz Reuter, 1916 Tune: "Reuter"
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