"Come, Oh, Come, Thou Quickening Spirit"
                  by Heinrich Held, 1620 ca.-1659
      Translated by Charles W. Schaeffer, 1813-1896
                                  Text From:
                       THE LUTHERAN HYMNAL
        (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1941)

        1. Come, oh, come, Thou quickening Spirit,
        God from all eternity!
        May Thy power never fail us;
        Dwell within us constantly.
        Then shall truth and life and light
        Banish all the gloom of night.

        2. Grant our hearts in fullest measure
        Wisdom, counsel, purity,
        That they ever may be seeking
        Only that which pleaseth Thee.
        Let Thy knowledge spread and grow,
        Working error's overthrow.

        3. Show us, Lord, the path of blessing;
        When we trespass on our way,
        Cast, O Lord, our sins behind Thee
        And be with us day by day.
        Should we stray, O Lord, recall;
        Work repentance when we fall.

        4. With our spirit bear Thou witness
        That we are the sons of God
        Who rely upon Him solely
        When we pass beneath the rod;
        For we know, as children should,
        That the cross is for our good.

        5. Prompt us, Lord, to come before Him
        With a childlike heart to pray;
        Sigh in us, O Holy Spirit,
        When we know not what to say.
        Then our prayer is not in vain,
        And our faith new strength shall gain.

        6. If our soul can find no comfort
        And despondency grows strong
        That the heart cries out in anguish:
        "O my God, how long, how long?"
        Comfort then the aching breast,
        Grant us courage, patience, rest.

        7. Holy Spirit, strong and mighty.
        Thou who makest all things new,
        Make Thy work within us perfect
        And the evil Foe subdue.
        Grant us weapons for the strife
        And with victory crown our life.

        8. Guard, O God, our faith forever;
        Let not Satan, death, or shame
        Ever part us from our Savior;
        Lord our Refuge is Thy name.
        Though our flesh cry ever: Nay!
        Be Thy Word to us still Yea!

        9. And when life's frail thread is breaking.
        Then assure us more and more,
        As the heirs of life unending,
        Of the glory there in store,
        Glory never yet expressed,
        Glory of the saints at rest.

Notes: Hymn #226 from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Rom. 8:15 Author: Heinrich Held, c. 1664 Translated by: Charles W. Schaeffer, 1866, alt. Titled: "Komm, o komm, du Geist des Lebens" Composer: J. Christoph Bach, 1680 Tune: "Komm, o komm, du Geist"
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