"Halleluia! Jesus Lives!"
                          by Carl B. Garve, 1763-1841
                    Translated by Jane Borthwick, 1813-1897
                                  Text From:
              (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p.143

        1. Halleluia! Jesus Lives!
        He is now the Living One;
        From the gloomy house of death
        Forth the Conqueror has gone,
        Bright Forerunner to the skies
        Of His people, yet to rise.
        2. Jesus lives! Let all rejoice;
        Praise Him, ransomed ones of earth.
        Praise Him in a nobler song,
        Cherubim of heavenly birth.
        Praise the Victor-King, whose sway
        Sin and death and hell obey.
        3. Jesus lives! Why weepest thou?
        Why that sad and frequent sigh?
        He who died our Brother here
        Lives our Brother still on high,
        Lives forever to bestow
        Blessings on His Church below.
        4. Jesus Iives! And thus, my soul,
        Life eternal waits for thee;
        Joined to Him, thy living Head,
        Where He is, thou, too, shalt be;
        With Himself, at His right hand,
        Victor over death shalt stand.

        5. Jesus lives! To Him my heart
        Draws with ever new delight.
        Earthly vanities, depart,
        Hinder not my heavenward flight.
        Let this spirit ever rise     
        To its magnet in the skies.
        6. Halleluja, angels, sing!
        Join us in our hymn of praise,
        Let your chorus swell the strain
        Which our feebler voices raise:
        Glory to our God above
        And on earth His peace and love!
Notes: Hymn #188 from _The Handbook to theLutheran Hymnal_ Text: John 20:15 Author: Carl B. Garve, 1825, cento Translated by: Jane Borthwick, 1862 Titled: "Halleluja, Christus lebt" Composer: Ludvig M. Lindeman, 1871 Tune: "Fred til Bod"
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